NEW - Ballymeade Board Meeting Minutes Nov 3, 2022

Ballymeade Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 03, 2022                        

Attendees:   Mike Petrucci (President), Peter Haggerty (Vice President), Jim Bagnell (Treasurer), Phil LaScala (Secretary), Ron White (Property Manager, PENCO)


Rental & Deed Restriction

  • Mike remains in contact with the attorney for consultation on the deed amendment and ballot write-up
  • Jim will take up some of the remaining tasks needed to complete deed updates and ballot
  • Two-thirds of all HOs must vote ‘Yes’ within 60 days for ballot to pass


Architecture Review Committee (ARC)

  • No recent ARC requests have been submitted
  • Question whether 318 Rockmeade Dr. had submitted an ARC request; Ron will check
  • Board agrees NCC should be contacted and a fine should be levied against Boxborough homeowner concerning ongoing concerns with the following:
    • vegetation overrunning property, vegetables grown in the front yard
    • plants push-out across the easement and drainage ditches dug in backyard 
    • soil removed from pond
    • Mike will contact NCC and submit paperwork in regards to these concerns


Landscaping updates

  • Pond has been treated for algae
  • Tree pruning and elevation has been completed
  • Homeowner of 801 Boxborough Dr has inquired about health of nearby Oak
  • Tree located on the private property of a Ballymeade Dr homeowner has been reported to Penco because of branches overhanging in the path of the sidewalk (Board cannot touch this)


PENCO Updates

  • Few home sales during the past 6 months; no current listings or outstanding settlements
    • tracking report of Sales/Capital Assessment has been provided
  • Collection status update and report was provided -  $8159.49 overdue as of 11/02/2022
  • Particular homeowner is communicating and sending checks directly to BMC attorney
  • Homeowner of 318 Rockmeade Dr. appears to be renting the property
  • Two separate reports to DelDot
    • sunken storm drain on Shrewsbury Dr
      • drain repaired Nov.18
      • crumbling gutters at the corners of Ballymeade and Oakmeade Dr. plus Morningdale Dr; both have received acknowledgements
  • Letters sent to homeowners about trash cans left outside


Secretary Update

  • Maginot Security camera and network switch has been replaced; cameras cleaned and

      fully operational

  • Sidewalk repairs completed; same cost should be budgeted to 2023
  • Pickleball court resurfacing and line painting has been completed
  • Storm drain clearing of leaves and debris will be done as needed for November
  • Playground inspection and trash removal are fine
  • Security camera documentation to be shared with Treasurer


Treasury Updates

  • General financial health of BMC is good
  • Insurance invoice is due and to be paid
  • Review of checking account and future needs indicates that cash on hand should be increased
  • Alternative investments for the reserve are being considered
  • Current CDs are coming due and will require a visit to the bank to change name on accounts; signature card and latest financial statements from Ron will be required



  • Feedback provided around format for next annual meeting; more time to be devoted for discussion, while less time spent on BMC presentation and updates
  • In-person or Zoom meeting format will be decided closer to the meeting date
  • Discussion regarding homeowners who keep holiday lights up year-round; more attention will be provided moving forward and letters sent to homeowners
  • Discussion regarding Ballymeade entrance sign decoration for holiday
  • Question regarding pickleball net storage during the winter; Jim may have room in his garage; no complaints related to pickleball noise



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