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TRANSPARENCY.  We have it in Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2014 meeting minutes for you to read, more meeting minutes will be added as the year progresses.  Please also check out the minutes all the way back to 2005.  These are available from the main Documents and Links page by scrolling down further - you'll see all the years listed all together. 

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Balllymeade Board Meeting

September 16, 2014


 Present: Richard Wolf, Peter Haggerty, Jim Bagnell, Mary Henderer, Eugene Zheng and Beverly Harding of BC Communities (Property Manager)

 The Meeting called to order by President Richard Wolf at 7:00 PM.

 1.) Assessments

 The meeting opened with a discussion about the delinquent due balances incurred by a small number of homeowners on the community’s annual assessment fees that were billed to them in mid-March. It was agreed that those homeowners with delinquent fees of less than $30.00 would find these balances attached to their 2015 assessments

 The Maintenance Corporation will continue to pursue those balances over $30.00, and continue to track the four large delinquent accounts.

 One-time capital assessments were collected for eight home sales thus far for the current year.

 2.) Hail Storm of May 22, 2014

 While the hail storm of May 22, 2014 caused much property damage within the Ballymeade Community, homeowners are reminded that contractor signs should be on site only while work is in progress (contractor on site) and must be removed from the property once repairs have been completed. A letter to this effect was mailed to all residents, homeowners and renters alike, in August. This letter also reminded homeowners that all houses need to be repaired in accordance with New Castle County Code and our community deed restrictions. Focus letters will be mailed in November to those homeowners who have not yet appeared to have to initiated the repairs to their roofs, siding, shutters and window screens.

 ARC approval is not necessary for repairs to a property but is for any changes to roof, siding and shutter appearance/colors.

 3.) Community Mailbox Clusters

 As the community’s mailbox clusters are in need of repair, it was agreed that one more quote for the painting of the pedestal bases, the slight relocation of the cluster across from 313 Rockmeade Drive and painting of the barrier posts on the asphalt drive at the playground could be solicited before accepting the bid from Pencader Construction, LLC. Any person bidding on this job must be fully licensed and insured.


4.) Miscellaneous Issues


  1. Ballymeade’s Community Web Site has received a record number of “hits”: 5,000 in July, 4900 in June, 3900 in May. 


  2.  More communication between homeowners and the Board was suggested. It was felt that that the community should have advance notice of Board Meetings, and of the topics to be discussed at these meetings. It was hoped that contact through the email addresses voluntarily supplied by homeowners with the payment of their assessment fees could be used for this sort of communication. After discussion it was agreed that BC Consulting would manage this effort.


  3.  There were questions concerning the current fence that spans the community along Naamans Road. Who owns the fence? Who is responsible for its maintenance? Peter Haggerty volunteered to ask the proper authorities about this.


  4.  Because of a number of issues arising over the past few months over the community’s current Deed Restrictions, it was suggested that these documents need to be reviewed by the Board. Edits require approval by 2/3 of current homeowners. Several current Board members volunteered to check on how other communities have handled similar issues.


  5.  Regarding our budget for the year, financial matters are progressing as planned.


     There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Mary Henderer, Secretary






Ballymeade Board Meeting

March 18, 2014


Present: Richard Wolf, Peter Haggerty, Jim Bagnell, Eugene Zheng, Mary Henderer and Beverly Harding of BC Communities (Property Manager)


The meeting was called to order by President, Richard Wolf.


1)  The Ballymeade Maintenance Officers for the upcoming year are as follows:


            President and ARC                                         Richard Wolf

            Vice-President and ARC                                Eugene Zheng

            Vice-President and Landscaping                    Peter Haggerty

            Treasurer                                                        Jim Bagnell

            Secretary                                                        Mary Henderer


2)  Assessments:


The 2014 mandatory annual assessment statements were mailed to all residents in mid-March with payment due by April 30th. The Maintenance Corporation will continue to track the four large delinquent accounts.


The Maintenance Corporation continues to keep track of sales within the community in order to collect the $450.00 one-time assessment, and BC Communities will continue to directly contact new homeowners because they do not always know the settlement attorney. This is a mandatory assessment fee. The community consists of 243 households, of which approximately 150 are in townhouses and 100 in single family houses.


3)  Budget Report:


While snow removal expenses for the past winter exceeded the budget, Ballymeade might expect about 1/3 of these expenses for the actual plowing of the streets to be reimbursed by New Castle County. The County does not reimburse communities for any salting of their streets. A reoccurring problem is to get people to park either in their garages, or in their driveways so that the plows can operate effectively.


4) Landscaping:


Davey Tree has inspected the community for storm damage. Trees will be pruned as general maintenance in the spring, and lower branches needing trimming will be removed. Davey will also inspect new shrubs that were planted during the fall.


There was some discussion of a reworking of the playground area directly under the swings.


5) Annual Garage Sale:


As this is a popular neighborhood activity, Ballymeade’s annual garage sale is now scheduled for May 3rd from 8 AM. Reminder signs will go up about a week ahead of the event.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 approximately.




Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation Annual Meeting


February 19, 2014


Brandywine Town Center




The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Peter Haggerty in the absence of President Dick Wolf. Board members present were Ron Davis, Peter Haggerty, John Skrobot, and Mary Henderer. Sixteen Ballymeade homeowners were present as was Beverly Harding, our BC Communities Property Manager who also had twenty six voting proxy forms from homeowners who could not make the meeting.  Forty six homes in the community were therefore represented at the meeting.


Mr. Haggerty presented the “President’s Summary Report” for the year 2013-2014. He reminded homeowners that the community’s website is a source of valuable information.


Mr. Haggerty then presented the following:


  • Ballymeade remains a very desirable community to live in with property values going up continuously.  Sales of homes are quick and for very close to asking price. 
  • Snow removal for this winter has been managed well by our contractor.  A very small number of complaints were received by BC and were addressed same day.  Cars parked on the streets during snow plowing cause a major problem for everyone.  Please get your cars off the roads during snow storms.
  • All were reminded that the wetlands are federally protected and homeowners who encroach on these wetlands could be prosecuted.


  • The Capital Improvement Fund which assesses all new homeowners $450 at settlement which will be used for eventual long-term community expenses replacements (i.e.; fence along Naamans Road, tennis court, playground, parking pads, etc.).  Twelve homes were sold in the 2013-2014 fiscal year resulting in $5,400 being added to the community’s reserve fund.


  • The storm water basins and the fees paid by the community to maintain the several basins scattered through the community. If these basins are inspected on a yearly basis, which is performed, the County will pay to repair any failures within the system.


  • The annual community assessment remaining at $240.00, with a monthly “late-fee” added to those accounts not paid on time.


  • The five homeowners who currently owe the community over $12,000 in unpaid annual assessments. All that can be done to collect these fees has been done. The attending homeowners were reminded that these are fees are mandated by the County for the maintenance of the community.


  • The minutes from each Board Meeting being posted on the web site after each such meeting.


Mr. Skrobot explained the ARC (Architectural Review Process) Committee role, reminding homeowners that because Ballymeade is a deed restricted community, requests for major changes to a property must be within the constraint of these deed restrictions. Every homeowner should have a copy of these deed restrictions in their possession.


Mr. Haggerty gave an update on the community’s landscape activities. With a $5,000 grant through a “cost-sharing” program sponsored by the New Castle Conservation District (NCCD), many new trees were planted along Naamans Road that are the beginning of a natural sound barrier. These new plantings, along with those along the community’s streets, are maintained by Davey Tree Company


Beverly Harding of B.C. Communities reviewed the services that they provide. She announced that our money spent for plowing on four snow storms now qualify for plowing reimbursement from the county, and she will submit the application.            


Treasurer Ron Davis presented the Finance Update. He announced that the community stayed within its 2013-2014 budget, and that the proposed budget for 2014-2015 will largely be the same. Although most line items in the budget are fixed, other line items can be variable but we stayed in budget over all.  The small number of delinquent home-owners (5) continue to affect the community’s cash-flow moderately. The 2014-2015 budget was then voted on and approved.


Board positions expired for Treasurer Ron Davis and Vice-President John Skrobot. Two community residents volunteered to fill these two positions. Jim Bagnell, a candidate for Treasurer, and Eugene Zheng, a candidate for Vice-President, introduced themselves, were duly nominated, and approved by those present for two year terms.


Discussion then occurred over the following topics:


  • Possible higher yields on the community’s invested CDs


  • General snow removal, and cars left on street that deter the plow


  • Trash cans that should go out only when pick-up scheduled


  • Reminding the community that the speed limit on its streets is posted at 25 mph


  • Ballymeade has never had Email addresses for its residents but many of our neighboring communities do have this currently.  Someone mentioned that homeowners expect Email notification of important issues now.  BC will be sending out a voluntary request for Email addresses to be held confidentially by BC.  All Emails sent out to the community will be pre-approved by the Board and will be send out by BC Communities.  The Email list will NOT be shared with any entity. 
  • The general maintenance of particular community properties, one in particular was of great concern for several in attendance which is being resolved


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM




Ballymeade Board Meeting February 5, 2014

Present: Richard Wolf, Ron Davis, Peter Haggerty, Mary Henderer and Beverly Harding of BC Communities (Property Manager)

1. The meeting was called to order, and the Board reviewed the agenda for, and the materials to be presented at the February 19, 2014 Annual Meeting. After comments and corrections, all was approved. Two of the Board’s five officers are up for election.

2. A few homeowners still owe their yearly maintenance fee. The Board discussed ways to help these homeowners fulfill their obligations to the community.

3. Twelve houses within the community sold over the past year. The assessment fee of $450.00 has been received from each one.

4. Because Ballymeade has experienced three qualifying snow storms (12/8/13, 1/2/14 and 1/21/14) of at least 4” of measurable snow thus far this winter, the community qualifies for some reimbursement from DelDot. BC Communities will apply for these funds.

Cars left on streets by their owners continue to create problems for snow plowing and street navigation. We ask that home-owners remove cars from streets when snow or ice storms are forecast. This helps everyone.

5. Residents need to know the telephone number of the county police in order to report situations within the community as they are happening. Calling the police directly themselves enables an immediate reaction. This can refer to anything from unlicensed cars sitting on the street to wrecked cars sitting in a homeowner’s driveway; from vandalism to robbery; from suspicious loitering to assault. The non-emergency NC County police # is 302-573-2800 and the NC County complaint # is 302-395-5555.

6. Logs for community’s storm water management basins have been submitted to New Castle County, and approved. This protects the berms in case of failure; the county will pay for repair since we have shown that we are maintaining them as expected.

7. Many more trees and shrubs were planted in November -- largely along Naamans Road behind the townhomes on West Boxborough Drive. We are attempting to create the beginning of a natural sound barrier which will take many years to establish. $5,000 of the expense was reimbursed by a grant to Ballymeade by the New Castle Conservation District.

We have repaired the lights at the community’s entrance off of Naamans Road.

8. The budget report was approved as presented by the Board Treasurer. There appears to be no need for any changes for 2014. 9. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



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