How To Report Street Light Outages

If you encounter a streetlight that has gone out, call DELMARVA POWER! 

Streetlights offer security. DELMARVA checks to ensure streetlights throughout their service area are working properly, but do not always know when a streetlight has gone out. As part of Delmarva Power's continued commitment to improving customer service, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new streetlight outage reporting system.  This system is a self-service, online map tool that enables customers to report a streetlight outage or problem to Delmarva Power through its website.


To report a streetlight outage, customers should visit

and follow these steps:

•          Click on “my home“

•          Click on "report an outage or safety hazard”

•          Click on “report streetlight outage”

The individual reporting the issue will need to provide their name and ontact information, as well as the address for the affected light. There is also the opportunity to provide a message if additional detail is needed to relay important information to the company. As part of the follow up process, Delmarva Power will provide an update on the status of the reported streetlight using the email address provided.  (Note: Street lights in Ballymeade do not have pole numbers if you are asked for that.  Just provide the address of the house closest to the light that is out.)

Posted by ballymeade on 07/15/2014
Last updated on 10/06/2014
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