2005 Meeting Minutes

7th Annual Community Meeting Minutes

Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation
Annual Meeting Minutes
January 25, 2005
7:30 p.m.
Brandywine Town Center Community Center

6th Annual Meeting

PRESENT: Alex Santagada, Peter Grims, Peter Haggerty, Jeffrey Peaper, and Elise Nelsom (BC Consulting). There were enough members and proxy votes to hold the meeting.

PRESIDING: Alex Santagada. Alex gave a brief review of what the board had been working on that year, including tree planting, wetlands review, common area review. Alex stated Army Corp. had done review of the wetlands and they were satisfied.

The three board members up for election, Peter Haggerty, Garvan McDaniel; and Jeff Peaper were all elected to new terms by a majority of members present.

TREASURER: Jeff Peaper handed out copies of the proposed new budget for the year and reviewed the previous years expenses. The residents and board than voted and approved the new budget.

LANDSCAPING: Peter Haggerty gave a report on how many trees were planted and source of some landscaping funds for the future.

RESIDENT ISSUES: Residents brought up the following issues:

1.) Speeding in the neighborhood
2.) Dog barking and generally dogs in the neighborhood
3.) Talked about special assessment for tree planting--No Motion
4.) Talked about move in/move out fee--No Motion

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned until, next meeting of the Board.

(prepared by Garvan McDaniel)

Board Meeting Minutes - November 5, 2005

Board Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2005

Attendees: Peet Grims; Garvan McDaniel; Jeff Pepper; Peter Haggerty; Peter Klosiewicz

o Tree removal – Issue: A tree has fallen on owner’s property in adjoining development. Action: BC Consulting to investigate if a negotiation for removal with owner would resolve issue; determine the standard fee for tree removal such as one in reference; do a survey and call county (Paula Marsillli) for direction to resolution.

o Basin clean up – Issue: The community’s storm water basins now meet DENREC regulations. Vendor completed work to level possible given recent weather conditions; Board to continue to monitor vendor work in compliance with DENREC rules. Spraying for weeds in center of basin completed, but if weeds reappear in 30 days another letter from BC will be sent to vendor. If not completed, BC will move to breach of contract action and suspend payment.

o Ballymeade Board – Issue: Delinquent dues; Action: BC consulting and their legal advice to generate notices to delinquent homeowners for collection of 2005 dues.

o Budget discussion – Issue: Budget final balance sheet for 2005. Action: Board conditionally approves spending as of November, including landscape enhancements and pending final expenses incurred for balance for 2005.

Submitted: Peter Klosiewicz – Secretary to Ballymeade Community Association

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