2020 Meeting Minutes


TRANSPARENCY.  We have it at Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2018 meeting minutes for you to read, more meeting minutes will be added as the year progresses.  Please also check out the minutes all the way back to 2005.  Currently there are three minute documents below (each set of minutes will be a different color).  Please scroll down.



Ballymeade Annual Meeting – 2020

Brandywine Parkway             

Monday, February 24, 2019


Meeting Minutes


Board members and PENCO property manager introductions      

  • Pete Haggerty      - President

  • Mike Petrucci       - Vice President

  • Cindy DeYoe         - Treasure

  • Philip LaScala        - Secretary           

  • Ron White             - PENCO Property Manager


10th District updates - Representative Sean Matthews (

  •    Sean provided a general update on local district matters
  •    General assembly updates, acts/bills taken to vote.  Opioid Impact Fee, gun sale purchaser       card requirements, early voting and voting by mail  

President’s Report – Year in Review

  •           General state of the neighborhood and health of the operating budget

  •          Clarification of Ballymeade Maintenance Corp vs HOA

  •          Mention of PENCO and scope of services for Ballymeade; residents encouraged to                      contact PENCO with questions and concerns; additional information on PENCO can be              found on the Ballymeade website

  •           Ballymeade entrance sign damage and will be replaced, insurance to cover the cost.

  •          Other subjects of interest:

        1. Curbing pets
        2. Property easements - county specification need to be confirmed as it relates to Ballymeade; to be posted on Ballymeade website once complete
        3. Dumpster located Shrewsbury Dr.
        4. Ballymeade entrance traffic light delays and non functioning trip sensors, will be fixed
        5. Speeding remains an issue;  ‘please slow down’ signs location and effectiveness
  • Limit home rentals to no more the 20% of total properties in the community, similar to a renter’s cap like condos have
  • Inquiry requires further inquiry, possible legal advisement around what can be done eg. landlord privilege fee
  • Creation of sub-committee if needed

Landscape Update –

  • Status and justification of storm-water basin cost and maintenance
  • Several landscape contracts have ended and RFPs are underway
  • Sidewalks - community walk-through by board member(s) to survey sidewalk buckling caused by planted trees
  • DelDot barrel covering small sinkhole will be addressed
  • Maintenance activities planned for the upcoming year:
  1. Mulching around trees and playground
  2. Tree trimming around street lights
  3. Tree spraying for disease or pests

Architectural Review Committee –

  •  Relatively quiet year for ARC; community mostly in maintenance mode
  •  Purpose of the ARC and reminders was reiterated for residents attending the meeting, “…to oversee compliance of community deed restrictions …that all homeowners have agreed to abide by….to maintain neighborhood architecture and maximize property values.”   Remember to contact PENCO before any work is done
  •  Past deed violations and complaints included:   trash cans not stored properly, cars parked on sidewalks, exterior changes without ARC approval, high grass/weeds, yard clutter, encroachment on wetlands
  •  Capital improvement fund is in line with engineering study recommendations in 2016


Finance Update –

  • Little or no snow should result in an operating budget surplus with no need to use funds from the reserve fund
  • Nearly all homeowners paid annual assessment; 3 homes are in the collection process
  • Review of reserve expenditures and reserve funding plan
  • Budget totals provided to meeting attendees
  • No increase in the annual assessment is being proposed for 2020 fiscal year
  • Reserve fund remains health; consideration needed for an updated reserve study done within next 2 years
  • Questions and Answers
  • Vote taken for 2020 budget proposal and approved; 25 votes by proxy

Secretary Report –

  • Ballymeade newsletter will continue to be sent 2x per year in Spring and Fall
  • Community yard sale and clean-up will be scheduled for later in the year
  • Trash bin audits continue quarterly; letters sent to remind owners of deed restrictions (keep trash bins out of site please or you will get a letter)
  • Security camera update -
  • Functioning normally and serviced annually by Maginot security

  • No requests made to view footage


Board Nominations / Elections –

  • Nominations, voting and election for open seats
  • Cindy DeYoe - Treasury and Phil LaScala - Secretary voted to board for another term
  • No volunteers for 1 open seat remaining




Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2020

Location:               Rockmeade Dr     

Attendees:            Pete Haggerty, Mike Petrucci, Cindy DeYoe, 

                               Phil LaScala, Ron White (Penco)



  • Review of sales and capital assets report plus recent and pending sales; budget details and projections including both tree and landscape details and contracts; P&L report
  • More funds allocated for maintenance to address additional costs related to tree spraying for disease and pests, plus tree trimming needed around streetlights
  • Updated Reserve Study indicates Ballymeade plan continues to stay in good standing
  • No fee increase is anticipated especially if snow removal costs stay low through the season
  • Proposed Budget will be shared at annual meeting and voted on

Architectural Review Committee

  • Walkway Easements
  • County guidelines for both single and townhome easements will be posted on the website as reference for any homeowner considering erecting fences or other
  • Letter to be sent to W. Boxborough home that appears to have had a land survey
  • DelDOT to be contacted regarding orange barrel marker left between townhomes
  • Garage sale dates for 2020 are forthcoming
  • Recent state law regarding installation of solar panels needs clarification
  • We have been in touch with Sean Matthews, Christopher Norton (Legislative Aide for Sean), Chris Curtin (Deputy Attorney General)
  • A separate meeting will be schedule with the board regarding guidelines placement, installation and more

Landscape Update

  • Removal of dead trees on community property behind home on Longmeadow completed
  • Three landscape contracts ending; RFPs and contract renewals forthcoming
  • Davey Tree Company will be asked about preventative maintenance regarding lantern flies

PENCO Management

  • Review of 2019-20 Collection Status
  • Discussion on plans for collection of outstanding balances and any required legal fees
  • Rented Ballymeade properties: 
  1. Letters to “current tenants” of rental properties reminding tenants of neighborhood deed restrictions and community by-laws
  2. Rental property checks scheduled in the Spring that each property is being adequately maintained and adhere to deed restrictions
  3. 37 townhomes, 1 single home currently rented

Secretary Report

  • Security cameras continue to be maintained and operate in normal working order; annual cleaning has been scheduled; no requests for footage from county or state law enforcement
  • Spring and Fall newsletters with Ballymeade news and updates will continue
  • Trash bin audits continue quarterly; letters sent as needed to home-owners
  • Playground trash bin emptied bi-weekly
  • An online complaint issued to DELDOT regarding traffic light’s trip mechanism; other neighborhoods are affected, and the issue has been logged and will be addressed in due time                               
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