2012 Meeting Minutes

Buzzword, TRANSPARENCY.  We have it in Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2012 meeting minutes for you to read.  Also check out the minutes from 2011 and all the way back to 2005.  These are available if you from the main Documents and Links page by scrolling down further - you'll see them. 

Below are the minutes from Ballymeade's 2012 meetings to date (most recent minutes are on top, scroll down to read the older minute documents):


Currently there is: Three minute documents below (each is a different color.  Please scroll down.)



Ballymeade Board Meeting

October 17, 2012


Present: Richard Wolf, Peter Haggerty, Ron Davis, John Skrobot, Richard Spiegel, and Beverly Harding of BC Communities (Property Manager)


Delinquent Assessment Status

 Six home-owners have not paid their 2012 assessments. Legal proceedings continue including complaint letters, liens, efforts for sheriff sales, and efforts for wage garnishments. Annual Assessment payments are not optional.


2012-13 Resident Complaints

 There have been about 33 resident complaints so far this year to our property management company (BC Communities) for a variety of issues –

  •  people’s cars blocking sidewalks
  • encroachment into wetlands
  • illegal dumping of yard waste
  • trash cans be continually left out in front of houses
  • easement issues with fences and landscaping
  • barking dogs
  • trailers, a wave runner, and other equipment being parked or stored on properties
  • disposing of trash into neighbors containers, and
  • grass not being mowed or weeds being out of control

 All of the above are either listed in the deed restrictions and/or are violations of county codes.


Landscaping/Storm Water Basin Maintenance

 Some dead or dying trees had to be removed on common grounds. These will be replaced. We have passed county inspections for maintenance of storm water basins. Despite dry summer months, we were able to maintain trees and grounds.



 Our budget is sound. Some miscellaneous expenses included tennis court repair and lighting repair at the front entrance. We are within our set budget on all categories of   expenses.

 Remarkably, there have only been two home sales in the community to date.  Real estate transfers within the community have been low (which indicates a stable community).  But on the other side of that coin, we did not add very much to our reserve funds with the one-time assessment at property transfers.


Fire Damaged Homes

The rebuilding of the 4 townhomes damaged by fire last December is nearly completed.  Two of the four are occupied now and the other two are very close to being finished.



 We are working with county for restriping the street markings at the front entrance  The county agreed to include this work in their budget because it benefits them and Ballymeade to keep traffic moving in a safe manner with clearly marked traffic patterns. (Note: The painting was completed at the end of October.)

 We have contacted the state and our councilman about getting red light cameras installed at the traffic light onNaamans Road. There have been accidents here and people have been observed running the traffic lights east/west onNaamans Road. If we can get red light cameras installed, it will make it a safer intersection. Any support from residents on this subject would be beneficial.

 We will look to have our annual community meeting again in February atLancashireElementary school. Once a data has been set, notice will be provided.


Respectfully, Ballymeade Board


Ballymeade  Board of Directors - Meeting  4/4/12 


Present – R.Davis, P.Haggerty, R. Spigel (Host), R. Wolf.

                   J. Skrobot (unable to attend)


(1)    Selection of officers.

 President and ARC                           Richard Wolf

 Vice President & ARC                      John Skrobot

 Vice President & Landscaping       Peter Haggerty

 Treasurer                                            Ron Davis

 Secretary                                             Richard Spigel


(2)    Transfer of funds--approval to transfer $ 3,000.00 from “snow removal” surplus to landscaping.

 (3)    Tennis Court. Consider replacing net in 2013. Looking  into a permanent lock (combo?) or use of a lock to reduce court miss-use and abuse.

 (4)    Annual Yard Sale- Sat. May 19th. Will get signs out at least one week in advance. Pete Haggerty volunteered to post on “Craig’s List.” Ad will also be in News Journal.

 (5)    Mr. Wolf mentioned meeting with Bob Weiner Thursday to discuss community issues,..  Will advise any pertinent info. Recycling was one issue discussed.

 (6)    Discussion regarding recent ARC issues, rejections and acceptances, and attorney involvement for litigation and fee/cost recovery from involved home-owners for legal expenses incurred to enforce deed restrictions.

 (7)    Fire damaged homes – after discussion it was agreed to have BC Communities (property managers) contact builders for status and to “speed-up” rebuilding. Delays were noted due to obtaining permits for reconstruction and in engineers determining structural integrity of what is remaining.

                                                                             Meeting adjourned




Annual meeting of the Ballymeade Maintenance Corp.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

@ Lancashire Elementary School

Meeting called to order by President Richard Wolf at 7:00 P.M. There were 30 homeowners in attendance and 13 proxies achieving the required 10% quorum.

 Introduction of guests:

  • State Rep (10th district) - Dennis E. Williams
  • New Castle County Councilmen - John J. Cartier (current 8th district)
  • New Castle County Councilmen - Robert S. Weiner (new councilman after redistricting goes into effect in Nov 2012)
  • President of Council of Organization of Brandywine Hundred (CCOBH) - Robert (Bob) Valihura
  • President Claymont Fire Company - Thomas DiCristofaro (and other senior fire company officials)
  • 911 Supervisors

 The state representative and the councilman spoke for appx 5-10 minutes each thanking us for the invitation and assuring us that they are there for us. They left their cell and office phone numbers which we have on file. John Cartier indicated that he will try to pass legislation for building codes that will deter home fires from spreading so fast.             

Bob Valihura explained the purpose of CCOBH - "to deliver community input to both County and State government." He welcomed us to use his office.

 President Tom DiCristofaro & associates then took questions referencing the Dec. 19th fire in Ballymeade for appx. 20 minutes and again after the meeting. The bottom line - they state “response time from dispatch to first truck on scene was 4 1/2 minutes" and that the national accepted standard is 10 minutes. The 911 Supervisor explained that there was a problem in processing over 60 calls that resulted in a 4 minute delay before the 911 facility dispatched the fire companies. The fire cause as of the meeting was still “undetermined”.

We also learned that the Fire Company Sub-Station at the corner of Naamans Road and Marsh road is a fully operational fire house but that the majority of the volunteers live along the Philadelphia Pike area so they can get to the fire house there faster.  The Sub-Station used to be very active until the demographics of the volunteers changes years ago.

At 7:45 the scheduled meeting resumed, following the planned agenda.                

  1. The President reviewed 2011-2012 happenings and performance. Board operation was also explained.
  2. Vice-Pres John Skrobot explained the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) process.
  3. VP Peter Haggerty gave an update on "landscape" activities. Mainly we are in maintenance mode.
  4. Overall finances were reviewed with “Good News" being the annual assessment of $240.00 - same as last two years.
  5. Beverly Harding of B.C. communities reviewed the services they provide for us.
  6. Pres. Wolf reviewed old/new business.
  7. Treasurer Ron Davis then gave the treasure's report and 2012 budget. It was voted on and approved. The 2012-13 budget is near that of 2011-12.
  8. There were no new volunteers for "Board Offices".  The two current board members whose terms were ending were re-elected to serve another two year.
  9. Open discussion and then adjournment at 8:55 PM.

NOTE: If you did not attend the meeting and would like a copy of the budget handouts please call BC Communities at 302-234-7710.  A copy of the budget will be mailed to your home by US mail (no Email).







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