2007 Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2007 and June 6, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 7, 2007

The Ballymeade board of directors met at the home of Michael Sarkis, at 7:10 p.m. Board members in attendance were Pete Haggerty, Jeff Peaper, Michael Sarkis and Bob Gleber. Elise Nelson of B.C. Consulting also attended.

Speeding in Ballymeade – Reported instances of speeding on the streets in our neighborhood are down, most likely as a result of the random presence of the county police cars on our roadways. The website and the newsletter asked residents to call the county police anytime they observe speeding and to ask for a police car presence on site to ticket speeders.

Annual Assessment – There is one homeowner who has not paid the annual assessment. A judgment (lien) will be placed on the home if not paid shortly. Two other homes owe attorney fees due because of late payment of the assessment. Letters will be sent now for these fees to be paid up.

Exterior Home Appearance – There was discussion about how some homeowners in our community are too lax in the upkeep of the outside appearance of their homes (dead bushes, dead grass, etc.). The board respectfully asks all of our neighbors to be conscientious and timely about attending to the appearance of residences. This will be mentioned in the next newsletter.

Community Newsletter – A newsletter was sent out to all residents in mid-October and was posted to the Ballymeade website.

Maintenance Items –
1. Snow Removal Contract – The 2007 / 2008 snow removal contract was signed, no price increase over last year.
2. Entrance Light bulbs – the lights at the entrance have all been replaced (all six).
3. Graffiti – A contract for the clean up of the graffiti on the inside of the fence along Naamans Road has been negotiated @$200.00.

Tax Filings – the appropriate tax filings / obligations for Ballymeade have been addressed.

Waste Disposal – There was discussion concerning yard waste disposal and how this new law will affect our residents. BC Consulting did not have any information but will research the subject and get the board info if they can. The county has not provided any information or guidance what so ever to residents and the law is only 2 months away from taking affect. A discussion was had regarding the community contracting with one waste disposal company so that all residents could perhaps get a discount on yard waste removal as well as trash removal. This will be researched and comments will be requested on the website.

Special Assessment – We are checking with the Realtors M.L.S. and the county transfer tax site to keep track of the sales of properties in Ballymeade. After several houses sold that were on the market at the time of the assessment took effect and were grandfathered, there have been 4 home sales that have resulted in the $450 special assessment payment which has gone directly into our reserve account.

New Grant for Trees – The board has secured for our community a $6,000 grant from the New Castle Conservation District, NCCD. This grant plus our own funds already set aside, offers Ballymeade the ongoing opportunity to enhance the attractive and inviting appearance that has made our community attractive to new home buyers.

Ballymeade Website – There have been over 5000 hits on the Ballymeade website this quarter so it’s clear the website is a great tool for resident to learn about the community and to have their say about things in the website’s blog.

Tree Watering – Neighbors Could Save $3,000 in Maintenance Budget – Ballymeade can save $3,000 from the annual budget if the homeowners would water the new street trees that are planted throughout the neighborhood between the sidewalks and curb areas. That’s correct – it costs over $3,000 annually to have a contractor come in 10 or so times per year to water OUR trees. A newsletter entry will be made to ask residents to assist in watering – once a week in season, 5 gallon at least once per week for the smaller tress.

Ballymeade Annual Community Meeting – February 20th 2008 – The annual Ballymeade Community Meeting will be held on February 20, 2008 at the community pavilion in the Brandywine Towne Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert J. Gleber


The Ballymeade board met at the home of Peter Haggerty on 6 June, the 63rd anniversary of D-Day, at 7:10 p.m. Board members in attendance were Pete Haggerty, Pete Klosiewicz, Jeff Peaper, Michael Sarkis and Bob Gleber.

Budget Concerns - The first topic discussed was the corporation’s budget, which experienced larger than expected expenses in several areas:
• Snow removal – there was no county reimbursement because the low snow accumulation levels never triggered the reimbursement program.
• Mandatory Storm Water Pond Maintenance Costs – The County has failed the Ballymeade ponds twice for not meeting the code parameters.
• Federal Taxes – increased approximately $162.00 above expected level.

Capital Assessment - As a board, we are attempting to keep B.C. Consulting motivated about informing sellers and buyers of home in our community that there is a capital assessment fee due when a property is sold.

Exterior Home Appearance – There was discussion about several homeowners in our community that are not following their agreed upon deed restriction. Lawns go un-cut, landscaping and sidewalk edging go unattended, Christmas lights remain in place and badly out of season, low hanging tree branches prevent safe passage on our sidewalks and garish and unattractive figurines adorn front of homes that are all not allowed per the deed restrictions. Notices are being sent to these homeowners to remind them of the need to maintain their property in a safe and attractive manner so that property values of adjoining houses not adversely effected.

The Board would like to remind all homeowners that we all benefit if each homeowner maintains their home in a safe, practical and attractive manner.

Annual Homeowners Assessment – Sixteen homeowners have failed to meet their annual responsibility and have not paid their annual assessment yet; 227 homeowners have made their annual payment. The 16 will be getting certified letters demanding payment on June 14, 2007.

Vandalism – There was another instance of vandalism in our neighborhood; the block wall on the left side of Ballymeade Drive – as you pass Morningdale Drive has had the top layer of blocks removed and thrown into the stream bed. The cost of restoring the wall to its original state will be $300-400. This is an unexpected expense which will deplete our budget further.

Speeders in Ballymeade – A number of complaints have been received concerning drivers that are driving at unsafe speeds on Shrewsbury. There is a concern for the safety of the children in our neighborhood. The board is considering several options to try to curb the excessive speed on this road, including:
• Request that the County Police set-up a speed trap – a patrol car with radar – periodically.
• Installation of stop signs so that pedestrians have a safe right-of-way.
• Install speed bumps to force drivers to slow down or else damage their vehicles.
Input from the community is requested.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert J. Gleber
Secretary, Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation


Ballymeade Board Meeting June 6, 2007
Budget Review - Jeff
2007 Assessments – Jeff 16 past due for 2007 second notice went 5/14 certified letters to go 6/14
Captial Improvement Assessment
Letter to HO's in April
Letters for future use to BC, HO, Attorey
353 Rockmeade = 1st $450
all original grandfathers are still for sale

Storm Water Mgt
Atlantic did clean up last week/2 weeks ago, awaiting NCC re-inspection
Atlantic to quote us on cost for cutting cat tails to water line
Atlantic to research using chemicals to prevent cat tails in future
Need for inspection report for NCC
ForeverGreen - chemicals??? Need re-quote to compare.

Cap Stones down on Ballymeade - Elly
island - dead hews out
right of island as exiting - dead bushes, what to do
dead trees at entrance, 3/4 years old !??
petunia at top end of island now
Gen Lawn installed 2 new Zelcovas on us,
2 Shawmaud Oaks on him on Longmeadow,
2 Willow Oaks on him on Ballymeade
Davey Tree - Japanese beetles
Elly, mulch re-do, too much installed had to remove
Elly - otherwise good shape
Elly - sidewalk weed killer ASAP

Stop signs on Shrewsbury?, how else to stop speeding sink hole on Longmeadow - NCC letter, waiting for NCC inspection Curb cuts this year per Deldot
lights out on sign - replace all 6 now - done for 4 years...OK?
Newsletter out...brief...refer to website for detail
Minutes on website - source of detail
Pot hole at 136 Shrewsbury reported to Deldot by BC graffitti on inside of Naamans to remove
FIOS rocket damage – all houses done, just 2 curb to curbs HO's can complain re: seal coat (one got $, one is fighting for it)
Website - 1429 hits in April
Elise/BC - needs to get full name, address, Email and/or phone, must formalize complaint process
Dead tree done by tennis court
dead tree reported behind 115 Shrewsbury

HO Issues
Fence behind E. Box...who owns it...we should maintain otherwise ...

Deed Violations
ARC Log !!!!!!!! Peter K
Pink fence 518 E Box
Fence on Ballymeade too close (OLD issue)
grass cutting letters
trees over sidewalk letters
Lions!!! On Shrewsbury – deed violation 3 Baldini townhomes - variance
Double driveway on Oakmeade issue
Drain pipe on Ballymeade - 25 feet back per NCC
Dog barking


Annual Community Meeting - February 21, 2007


Peter Klosiewicz opened our meeting at 7 pm and the 1st order of business was recognizing Cathy Cloutier and Bob Valihura, our local representatives, for their support of our activities here in Ballymeade. Charlie Copeland, Minority Leader of the Delaware State Senate, accepted the Certificates of Recognition.

Elise Nelson was introduced as our B.C. Consulting representative.

Pete Haggerty talked about the landscaping improvements that have taken place in 2006 and addressed some of the issues we have had with Verizon and the problems we have had with the installation of their new cables. Topics also discussed were the issue of yard waste and the fact that there is no immediate solution on the horizon, budget issues with maintenance of the water retention ponds.

Peter Klosiewicz, who heads up the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) detailed the rules governing the installation of satellite dishes in Ballymeade, and emphasized that abiding by these rules serves to enhance the value of properties.

Jeff Peaper, Treasurer, briefly defined the purposes and expenses incurred by the Ballymeade Homeowners Association. There was lively discussion concerning the specific expenses associated with Water Retention Pond Maintenance and Snow Removal.

Jeff Peaper moved and Bob Gleber seconded the motion to accept the 2007 budget. The vote was 18 voters present in favor plus 26 proxy votes in favor and 1 vote opposed. The motion passed. The resulting increase in the annual assessment was higher this year than anticipated because of the Water Retention Pond annual maintenance mandated by New Castle Country. Future increases are not expected to be of this magnitude.

Jeff Peaper also presented the Board’s proposal to institute a new buyer’s special assessment. The amount of $450. was agreed upon and is to be paid to the association at settlement by the new buyer.

After some discussion, it was determined that B.C. Consulting will serve as the information resource to keep buyers, sellers, and attorneys aware of the new special assessment. The motion to institute the assessment passed unanimously.

Elise Nelson spoke briefly about the scope of services provided by B.C. Consulting. (These are defined on the Ballymeade website.)

A fifth member was added to the Board – Dr. Michael Sarkis.

There was also discussion about ice accumulation on the roads in Ballymeade during the last storm and that it caused problems for some residents. It was agreed that the storm and the ensuing deep-cold was of an unusual nature and the ice accumulation could not have been dealt with any more effectively without significant additional cost.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert J. Gleber
Secretary, Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation


March 28, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Peter Haggerty, Peter Klosiewicz, Jeff Peaper, Mike Sarkis, Jim Snock

Location: Peter Haggerty’s house

Purpose: To elect officers for the 2007 election year and to decide on several important issues as outlined below.

Peter Haggerty brought the meeting to order.

Jim Snock of Ballymeade Drive was in attendance. At our annual meeting Jim indicated he would like to assist the board and the community; he is interested in helping to manage the storm water basins and other landscape related projects. Thank you Jim for volunteering your time and effort to our community.

Mike Sarkis, our newest board member, elected at the annual meeting, was also in attendance. Welcome to the board Mike! We look forward to working with you during the next two years of your term of office.

The following issues were discussed and agreements made or votes taken:
1. The board nominated and voted on the officers of the board, as follows:
Peter Haggerty – will do a second year as President and Landscape chair
Peter Klosiewicz – will do a third year as First Vice President and ARC chair
Jeff Peaper – will do a third year as Treasurer
Mike Sarkis – will be our Second Vice President and Assistant Secretary
Bob Gleber - was not present but was elected for his second year as Secretary
2. The letter going to homeowners regarding the new buyer special assessment was reviewed (Capital Improvement Assessment). Jeff will fine tune Peter’s draft of the letter and send it to Elise for mailing this week. Jeff and Peter will also do a tour of the community to generate the list of the houses with sold or for sale signs three days after the letter goes out. Only the houses on this list will be exempt from the assessment because they did not know about the assessment prior to putting the house on the market. The list will be provided to BC.
3. Jim and Jeff will work together on finalizing our plan on the Storm Water Basins. We need a third quote from Atlantic on the on-going maintenance of the basins and pond. Jeff and Jim will then have 3 quotes on both the clean up needed now (per the 2006 NCC inspection) and the on-going work that is needed to be in compliance and will recommend which vendor to go with. The hope is to get this done ASAP at a reasonable price and well before the county inspects the five water basins this year.
4. There was an ARC fence issue with regard to a fence going up in what the maps show as a Storm Easement. Jim will call the county to determine what this type of easement means regarding fencing and report back to the board.
5. Peter K (ARC Chair) will follow up to all the ARC violators in the attempt to get them to adhere to the community’s deed restrictions. Everyone on the board agreed that our attorney must get involved as needed. It was agreed that is our duty as Board members to uphold the deed restrictions.
6. A resident on Longmeadow reported to BC on March 27th that a water-filled sink hole approx. 4 feet x 6 feet “appeared” in our community “active open space” (grassy area) behind their house and was dangerous. Jim Snock was able to inspect and fill the hole with more than a ton of rocks/gravel. The homeowner and Jim replaced the plywood had put over the hole initially. Jim will inspect the hole every other day or so and will determine if a fence of some sort is needed. He will also call the county to see what assistance we can get from them on managing this issue and will report back to the board.
7. Peter reminded all that last year the board agreed to remove a tree behind the tennis courts this spring so that it does not endanger the Timber Run homeowner’s garage/shed. The removal was postponed due to lack of funds for tree removal in 2006. All agreed and Peter will call the tree company to have it removed safely.
8. Peter reported that Forever Green will be doing our community’s mulch next week and will do the Tot Lot mulch at the same time. (Usually the tot lot mulch goes in much later but many residents asked that it go in early in the warm weather season.)
9. Jeff reported on the community finances. There is a steady flow of annual assessments reaching BC. Jeff was able to pay invoices that were sitting for a while as a result. He also reported that we spent nearly $4,000 on snow removal and salting and that none of it will be reimbursed by the country because no storm was 4 inches or more. Salt is very expensive and there were many ice storms this year.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Haggerty
President, Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation



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