2010 Meeting Minutes


Buzzword, TRANSPARENCY.  We have it in Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2010 meeting minutes for you to read.  Also check out the minutes from 2009 and all the way back to 2005.  These are available if you from the main Documents and Links page by scrolling down further - you'll see them. 

     Below are the minutes from Ballymeade's 2010 meetings to date (most recent minutes are on top, scroll down to read the older minute documents):

Currently there are: FIVE minute documents below, each is a different color.  Please scroll down.


Ballymeade Board Meeting

 Date: October 25, 2010

 Present: Pete Haggerty, Richard Wolf, John Skrodot, Ron Davis, and Beverly Harding (BC Communities).


Past Dues Collection – We are continuing to pursue past annual dues owed the community, through BC Communities and legal channels. Those homeowners not paying dues hurt the whole community. As of this meeting, there are eight homeowners who are delinquent in dues payments. Two liens have been established on properties which affects the credit rating of these parties and the future sale of the homes. A note to all residents is that 2011 dues payments will be forthcoming in next several months.


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – Deed restriction violations have been 1) leaving trash cans out in front of homes  in routine visibility, 2) improper lawn maintenance, and 3), some exterior remodeling without ARC approval. If you are not familiar with the deed restrictions, please refer to the restrictions which are posted on our website. We thank those who have followed the long-standing ARC process. Also, those who are now properly storing their trash cans, we thank you. The community looks better when trash and containers are not visible to others. Following the deed restrictions is required and benefits ALL homeowners.


Playground Maintenance – Despite some summer vandalism at the playground, we have been able to maintain it as safe for our community children and others to enjoy. We ask again that residents near the playground to be alert for unacceptable activity and remember to contact the NC County police to report any observed problems.


Landscaping – While the summer was hot and dry, upkeep of common grounds and trees was successful. Watering, mulching and pruning were performed as needed.


Community Reserve Balances – As of our latest statement, the reserve balance for the community is $125,476. Income to-date for the community has been $5760 from county snow removal re-imbursement and sales of homes with receipt of the one time $450 community improvement fees.


Wetlands – Homeowner encroachment was discussed. We will be having the federal government who oversees wetland encroachment address any issues.


Other – Some commercial vehicles have been parked in the community. This is not permitted. Please park commercial vehicles elsewhere. Also, parking of vehicles only in designated parking areas and away from corners or intersections where they obstruct vision and turning vehicles was discussed.


Lastly, we are prepped for the upcoming winter. Hopefully we don’t have a repeat of last year’s mass accumulations.


Our next meeting will be in the first quarter of 2011.





The Board


Ballymeade Board Meeting

Date: June 1, 2010


Present: Pete Haggerty, Richard Wolf, John Skrodot, Ron Davis, and Jeff Peaper, plus Glenn Moore and Beverly Harding, both from BC Communities


 New BC Communities Property Manager - Many thanks to Glenn Moore for managing our community for the past 3 years or so.  A hearty welcome to Beverly Harding - our new manager at BC.  Beverly comes to us with over 20 years of community management.  We look forward to many years working with Beverly. 


Snow Removal Reimbursement - DelDot has provided four checks for 2010 snow removal reimbursement. This money will be added to the budget for 2011.

 Past Dues Collection – We will continue to pursue past dues owed the community through BC Communities and legal channels. Those homeowners not paying dues hurt the whole community. We currently have 26 homeowners out of the 243 total who owe dues for this year and/or past years – a total of $7,130. This includes interest and some legal fees too.

 Foreclosures – One property at 515 E. Boxborough Drive has gone into foreclosure. A sheriff sale was scheduled for 6/8/10. It is unlikely the community will obtain past dues owed on this property. The property was vacated last year.

 ARC Activity – Recent activity has included addressing requests for new or rebuilt decks and enforcement of the deed restrictions. If you are not familiar with the deed restrictions, please refer to the restrictions which are posted on our website.

 A shed previously present on one property has since been removed. We thank that homeowner for deed restriction compliance.

 Our activity now is focusing on lawn maintenance with the summer weather here. All homeowners must mow their lawns and control weed growth. All clippings and trimmings must be removed from the community. There must be NO dumping of grass cuttings, tree limbs,... in the woods, wet lands or on other common grounds.

 Playground Maintenance – Mulch has been applied around playground equipment by Forever Green Landscaping.

 Landscaping – Two trees that died in the past year will be replaced. Some others about the development are struggling. Hopefully the year will not be hard on our trees and other vegetation.

  Garage Sale – The community garage sale was held on 5/22. We hope those who participated were able to clean house and maybe even make some money.

 Other – We had talked about organizing a community clean-up day and a picnic, but response or feedback has been limited so we have shelved these plans at this point. Should we get enough requests for these activities in the future, then maybe we will organize them.

 Have a safe, enjoyable and responsible summer.


 The Ballymeade Board of Directors

Ballymeade Board Meeting




 Date: March 24, 2010


 Present: Pete Haggerty, Richard Wolf, John Skrodot, Ron Davis, Jeff Peaper, Glenn Moore (BC Consulting)


Board Positions – By vote, the following will be new Board Positions for 2010-11:


President – Richard Wolf

Vice President – Peter Haggerty

Secretary/VP - John Skrobot

Treasurer – Ron Davis

Vice President – Jeff Peaper


Snow Removal Reimbursement - $2,892 was received from DelDot for reimbursement of Ballymeade expenses for 2010 snow removal.


Annual Dues Payments – As of our meeting, approximately 120 or 49% of homeowners have paid the annual dues assessment. (Invoices were sent out March 1, 2010.) This constitutes more responsive payment than in prior years. For those who have paid, we thank you for your quick mailings as this helps us better manage expenses for the welfare of the community.


Past Dues Collection – By unanimous vote, we will be using a collection agency for payment of past due or delinquent annual dues. Fees for the collection agency will be the responsibility of those overdue.


ARC Activity – Recent activity has included addressing requests for new or rebuilt decks, one request for installation of solar panels, and enforcement of the deed restrictions. If you are not familiar with the deed restrictions, please refer to the restrictions which are posted on our website. The request for the solar panel installation was not approved as this is not permitted by the deed restrictions. Deck construction or rebuild was approved for those with requests, the main caveat being natural or wood looking colors, no two-tone appearances.


Playground Maintenance – Mulch will be applied around playground equipment by Forever Green Landscaping during April.


Clean-up after Dogs – This continues to be an occasional complaint. We ask all residents to be responsible and clean-up after your dogs if they do their business in common areas. Also, please do not let them do their business on trees we have planted as such can be detrimental to their longevity. So, carry bags and clean-up after your dogs.


Future Activities – We will again be organizing a community garage sale during the month of May, a community clean-up day in June, and will try to plan a community barbecue or cook-out at the playground in July. Flyers will be mailed to all residents once dates are set. We encourage all residents to participate for the benefit of the community.



 The Board


Ballymeade 2010 Annual Community Meeting - Minutes


Date: February 24, 2010


2010 Annual Meeting

Wednesday, February 24, 2009

Brandywine Town Center Community Building

7:00 to 9:00 PM.



7:00           Call to Order

7:05           Introductions

7:10           President’s Summary Report

7:20           Old Business

By Committees

7:45           BC Consulting Report & Updates

7:55           New Business

8:10           Treasurer's Report

8:30           Nominations and Board Elections

8:45           Open discussion

8:55           Closing, Thank you & Adjournment



Approximately 20 homeowners were in attendance and 23 proxies were submitted to BC Communities resulting in 43 homes or 18% of the community represented at the meeting.  A quorum of 24 homes, or 10%, is needed for voting at the annual meetings.  All Board members were present as well as Glenn Moore of BC Consulting. The meeting was called to order promptly at 7 PM.


Mr. Moore talked about BC Consulting’s role in serving our Community. Questions were answered regarding their services. Please refer to our website for details on their services or role.


New Business:


The following highlights points of discussion and homeowner questions.


  • Snow removal was a hot topic. The added, unexpected expense was discussed along with notation of complaints from residents. Regular communication did occur with our contractor to assure appropriate cleaning. Needless to say, the amount of snow presented some unusual challenges. The storms were extraordinary and majorly taxed our budget and service capabilities. Hopefully this does not happen again.
  • Deed restriction enforcement was questioned including a shed on one property, fencing that does not meet our deed restrictions, trash can storage and more. Enforcement of deed restrictions will continue to be addressed. Actions for violations will be initiated.
  • All present voted yes for a dues increase to $240. Dues increase to $265 if not paid before 4/15/10, so residents are encouraged to pay timely, when initially due. This is the first increase in 3 years and is necessary to compensate for unexpected 2008-09 expenses and some homeowners not paying dues or paying dues late. Both late or non-payment of dues results in lost community revenue and expense payment challenges. Past due assessments, the administration of such, and legal fees for dues collection have resulted in increased community expenses. There are four homeowners greatly delinquent in dues payment, this starting during the fiscal 2008 budget year.
  • Regarding the Board, Mr. Jeff Peaper is stepping down as Treasurer after five great years of service to the Community. Mr. Ron Davis has kindly stepped forward to fill the Treasurer position for 2010 and onward.
  • One resident questioned trash collection services and who could be used. There is no community agreement with any refuse hauler, so residents must contract with a firm of their choosing for refuse disposal. Each resident must also make appropriate arrangements for disposal of lawn or yard waste. Such cannot be disposed of on any Ballymeade properties or grounds.




Maintenance - All trees were fertilized and pruned in the Spring, watered as needed, sprayed for Japanese beetles, and staked as needed after wind storms (lots of work to keep them alive!!) We had a wet year, so extra watering was not required.

Three or four older street trees died and were replaced.  The goal is to keep all street trees alive and well until they are fully mature.

Enhancement of water basins – if we can with grant from NCCD – more trees to fill in around the Naamans Road basin and the Ballymeade Drive dry basin across from the wet pond.

Annually, in the spring, mulch is laid around the base of the playground equipment to provide a cushioned ground or landing surface.  The “Tot Lot Mulch” is from a very soft wood that will not splinter and remains soft to cushion falls.


ARC (Architectural Review Committee)


Only 3 requests were submitted for one new deck, one deck replacement and replacement of one garage door. All were approved. Please refer to the Deed Restrictions and the process for approval for exterior or property changes. It is a simple process, the intent to help maintain property values and a desirable community appearance. Submit plans and request to BC Consulting after which the ARC member will review for approval. If the plans meet or conform to our deed restrictions, then approval likely results.




The budget details were discussed. The 2010 budget was voted upon and approved/accepted.

2009 budgeting was very tight but stayed within budget

Neighborhood approval two years ago for a one time capital contribution at time of settlement has proven to be a great boost to our reserve.

Approximately 98% of the homeowners have paid the annual assessment. Five homes are currently in the lien process.  Much follow up and letter writing on an additional few has occurred, all resulting in added communication and legal expenses.

Three years in a row at the same assessment rate of $234.00, with an increase of $6.00 per household (only 2.5%) to $240 for 2010.

Impact of 5 homes not paying (5 x $234 = $1070, plus interest, legal fees, etc.).  The effect of all this on 2010 budget was discussed.


Board Member Nominations and Elections:


Incumbents – 2 year term, one year completed:

1. Peter Haggerty

2. John Skrobot

End of 2 year term:

3. Jeff Peaper

4. Richard Wolf

5. This board position has been vacant

Richard and Jeff both were re-nominated and re-elected.  Ron Davis was nominated and elected to the board.  Ron will take over Jeff’s Treasury function in the course of the next few months.  Many thanks to all the board members and to Ron for taking on this extremely important job for our community. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.



Note: minutes were not written for this meeting but the agenda was followed fully.

Ballymeade Board Meeting

January 13, 2010    6:00 p.m.

1. ARC Report – Dick/John

2. Treasury Report – Jeff Peaper 

3. Deliquency Report – Glenn/Peter – 2 small amounts plus 6 liens.  See attachments #3A and #3B.

4. Lien Process – Peter - see Attachment #4 (email stream, read bottom up)

 5. Proof of NCC Website vs. Collected Capital Improvement Assessments

 Glenn/Peter - See attachment #5.

 6. Annual Meeting – February, Wednesday, February 24th, 7:00 p.m.

  • Budget
  • Presentation (no Peter K)
  • Agenda
  • Letter to HOs
  • Elections


As of Feb 2009:

Board Member


Yrs. Remaining in Office

Peter Haggerty



Dick Wolf

Vice President


Jeff Peaper



Mike Sarkis



John Skrobot

Vice President



Landscape Report:

Naamans Road by big tree near Ballymeade II – top soil and grass seed on eroded area

Landscape Proposals:

1. low rise fence – no estimate yet

2. more trees along Naamans in 2010 – DNREC too much trouble, will go to NCCD again.

Snow Plowing – good job so far.

Playground Equipment Inspection – Dick to report on his inspection.


HO on E. Oakmeade, leaves into road, trash into other HO’s bins

One Hoop or Two?  Peter K suggests one only

Christmas Decorations – Thanks Peter K

Response from letter to Comm in Oct – Glenn got several calls

Street Lights – Glenn – Dick – thank you

Road painting at entrance – nice job, thank you Glenn – good price!!

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