Architectural Review: Understanding the Importance

Architectural Review: Understanding The Importance

The Ballymeade Architectural Review Committee (ARC) oversees compliance to the Declaration of Restrictions (DOR). While the homeowner is responsible for compliance to all general use restrictions, particular attention should be paid to page 4, section 18 of the DOR when submitting plans for review. The ARC’s general charge is to evaluate requests based on compliance to the DOR, and the harmony of the proposed change, alteration, addition, building or structure with like structures on neighboring properties. The ARC also considers the outlook and view of the proposed change, from the neighboring properties. In addition, all contractors must be licensed in the State of Delaware and carry insurance and conform to New Castle County building codes and procure the necessary permits and variances. (ALL decks constructed or expanded in Ballymeade may require a variance hearing with New Castle County.)

Examples of plans requiring ARC review:

1. Decks, deck additions and expansions, and addition of stairs or existing decks.
2. House additions.
3. Fences.
4. Exterior house color changes to doors, windows, shutters, etc.
5. Exterior grading changes (excavations, terracing, etc.) that will result in a change of existing overall grade to the property

All submissions must be made to our property management company, PENCO, as per the following:

1. Enclose a drawing of the proposed structure or plan with color, shape, dimensions and materials clearly defined.
a. Identify the structure’s materials, i.e., pressure treated lumber, synthetic decking, etc.
b. Identify the proposed color of the structure; i.e., natural wood stain, color of synthetic decking, etc. (All decks and fences must be natural wood color.)
c. Identify all dimensions, including elevations, of the proposed structure.

2. Enclose a copy of the Mortgage Inspection Plan (mortgage survey) that shows how the structure will be connected to the house and intended dimensions must be listed on the drawing. (This document will be necessary when obtaining the proper permits and variances.)

3. If constructing stairs, including these dimensions on the drawing.

4. Include the homeowner’s name, the home’s lot number and address and day and evening telephone numbers.

5. If using a contractor, the name of the individual or firm and business license number.

If you are submitting plans that will need a New Castle County Building Permit and/or Variance, you must obtain these prior to commencing construction.

The above are provided as examples of plans requiring review and are not intended to be a comprehensive list. Please consult your Deed Restrictions that you should have received at settlement. If you need a copy, or have any questions regarding your submission please contact PENCO at the address listed below.  Complete requests will require a minimum of two weeks turnaround time. Incomplete information requiring clarification could delay the approval process.

Submit completed forms and all the attachments to:  

PENCO Management, Inc:   (as of March 1, 2015):  

Ronald A. White, CMCA, AMS

Senior Property Manager 

Phone: 610-358-5580, ext 1022


US. Mail Address:

Penco Management, Inc.

5 Christy Drive, Suite 302

Chadds Ford, PA  19317

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