2019 Meeting Minutes

TRANSPARENCY.  We have it at Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2018 meeting minutes for you to read, more meeting minutes will be added as the year progresses.  Please also check out the minutes all the way back to 2005.  Currently there are three minute documents below (each set of minutes will be a different color).  Please scroll down.







Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2019


327 Rockmeade Dr             

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Attendees:  Pete Haggerty, Mike Petrucci, Cindy DeYoe, Phil LaScala and Ron White (Penco)


Landscape Update

?–ª          The board agreed on the workorder for the second treatment for the elm trees on Shrewbury (sever fungal infection).  First treatment was this summer when it happened.

?–ª          Removal of pine tree and trimming of shrubs and bushes along Naamans Rd

?–ª          Quotes for tree future tree maintenance will from multiple sources

?–ª          Removal of several crabapple trees

?–ª          Davey Tree Company will be asked about preventative maintenance regarding lantern flies

?–ª          Lawn maintenance remains within budget


Architectural Review Committee

?–ª          Trash bin audit for Q2, 2019 completed - letters sent to 6 homeowners

?–ª          Separate letter sent to 302 Rockmeade for trash bins and overflow parking

?–ª          Playground trash can continues to be periodically inspected and emptied

?–ª          Security camera continues to function in normal order

?–ª          no additional maintenance; no requests for review

?–ª          Garage sale date may be moved from Spring and Fall next year

?–ª          Property easements laws may need to be reviewed regarding recent fence structures

?–ª          Recent state law regarding installation of solar panels needs clarification

?–ª          Sean Matthews has been contacted

?–ª          Guidelines needed in regards to installment



?–ª          Review of Operating Fund Profit & Loss report - Period 8/1/19 to 8/31/19

?–ª          Next year’s budget could see money for new projects reallocated to maintenance to address rising costs of tree spraying and other tree maintenance costs



PENCO Management

?–ª          Review of collections status report

?–ª          Review of sales and capital assets report plus recent and pending sales











Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation

Board Meeting


Date:                            January 31, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:                   PETER HAGGERTY | MIKE PETRUCCI | JOHN POWELL |



  • Phil provided a short demonstration and answered questions regarding accessing and using the Ballymeade security camera web-portal.   Maginot Security will be contacted about some questions related to the video feed from one of the cameras.


  • Phil will create a Ballymeade Spring newsletter for the neighborhood that will be delivered through email    

  • Trash bin audit for Q1, 2019 will begin the first weekend of February.  John has volunteered to take-on the audit for the year.


  • An initiative to obtain more email addresses from neighborhood residents in an effort to improve communication for residents of Ballymeade will continue.   John will make an effort to contact residents within the community as he sees them and acquire email addresses from residents where possible.


  • New community signs for the pond area have been ordered which will indicate no swimming or feeding the wild life.   The signs will be mounted and posted once the ground has thawed.  


  • Street Parking during snow events - Reminders will be posted online and mailed to all residents about not parking on the streets while the snow plows are removing snow.   Vehicles parked on the street make snow removal difficult for the plows to navigate around vehicles on the street.  It also causes more work for residents who then must shovel the street beyond their driveways since the plows are unable to access this areas because of the street parked vehicles.


  • Parking on sidewalks - This is a common problem in the neighborhood.   Parking on sidewalks requires children and parents with strollers to enter the street in order to pass the parked cars.  Also parking vehicles on a sidewalk can cause cracks in the sidewalk to form and eventually lead to costly repairs for homeowners. 
  • A periodic maintenance check of homeowner’s outside properties will take place during the year.   Letters reminding homeowners of the neighborhood deeds and by-laws will be mailed as needed.  Homeowners should remember to submit an ARC review anytime they plan to make updates or changes to home or property, Ie. Painting, staining or additions


  • Ballymeade landscape – Community landscaping maintenance continues as normal.  Tree maintenance needs are increasing while tree enhancement needs has decreased.  It was determined that money budgeted for tree enhancements would be moved to further fund on-going tree maintenance in the budget.   The BMC landscaping service will spray and treat trees for disease as needed.   Dumping has been observed near the pond and across the street from the pond.  Cleaning of storm water basins and grates is on-going.


  • Annual meeting – Preparations were made for the Ballymeade annual meeting.   Board members reviewed the meeting presentation.   Various updates were made to the presentation at the meeting.  Ron will send a copy of the updated presentation to board members for review.   Any further updates provided to Ron will be implemented.  Those final updates will be sent to members for final approval.  Representative Sean Matthews will be invited to the annual meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Brandywine Town Center at 7:00pm.   A sign will be posted at the entrance of the neighborhood reminding residents of the annual meeting. 


  • Board member positions – Two board positions will be up for election this year.  Any nominations should be submitted by the February 18.  An approval vote for board member nominations will be held at the annual meeting on the same date. 


  • Budget review - An extensive review of the 2018 budget was done during the second half of the meeting.   Cindy led the review line by line while all comments and questions by board members were addressed.  Ron will provide Cindy with copies of any maintenance contracts or invoices that may be needed for additional budget detail.  Final budget numbers will depend on the final snow removal costs for the season.  The budget and reserves were deemed to be in good health.  No increase in annual homeowners’ assessment was forecasted in the coming year.  Review of the BMC budget plus an approval vote will take place during the annual meeting on February 18. 


Ballymeade Annual Meeting – 2019

Brandywine Parkway                          

Monday, February 19, 2019


Meeting Minutes


  • President’s Report
  • Landscape Update
  • Architectural Review Committee Update
  • Finance Update – Fiscal 2018/19
  • PENCO Management Update
  • Board Nominations / Elections


Board members and PENCO property manager introductions    


President’s Report – Year in Review

  • General state of the neighborhood and health of the operating budget
  • Review of successfully completed maintenance projects
  • Planned activities for the upcoming year
  • Subjects raised of most interest:
  • Curbing pets – residents adamantly agreed this is a growing problem in the neighborhood.   Questions around exactly what could be done to address the problem.   Because of resident’s frustration with pets not being curbed properly in the neighborhood, inquiries into the community’s recourse would be taken up by board member John
  • Dumping – several residents cited examples of dumping in the neighborhood.  Residents were reminded to notify PENCO whenever dumping was observed.   PENCO will notify the landscape maintenance contractor who will remove the debris.  
  • Suggestion made to include crime statistics or similar for subsequent meetings
  • Erratum:  Ballymeade had 7 (not 4 as printed in hand-out) sales this year totaling $3150 in reserve


Landscape Update

  • Landscape and storm water basin maintenance activities stayed within budget for current fiscal year
  • Maintenance activities during the past year included:
    • Community owned fence’s repair at the end W. Oakmeade Dr
    • Fertilization of trees plus spraying of trees for pests
    • Annual mulching around trees and use of safe mulch for playground
    • Topics of concern were discussed which included:
      • Street parking during snow removal
      • Encroachment on community woods and wetlands
      • Trash and trash can maintenance / out of sight please
      • Curbing pets


Architectural Review Committee Update

  • Relatively quiet year for ARC; community mostly in a sustain/maintenance mode
  • Purpose of the ARC and reminders was reiterated for residents attending the meeting, “…to oversee compliance of community deed restrictions …that all homeowners have agreed to abide by….to maintain neighborhood architectural and maximize property values.”   Remember to contact PENCO before any work is done
  • Past deed violations and complaints included:   trash cans not stored properly, cars parked on sidewalks, exterior changes without ARC approval, high grass/weeds, yard clutter, encroachment on wetlands, not curbing pets.
  • Master Corporal Hester acts as the community liaison; she is available for questions regarding general community matters and concerns that may need insight of NCC police


Finance Update – Fiscal 2018/19

  • Over budget positions were offset by lower spending in other areas; i.e., few snow events to date
  • Near 99% of homeowners paid annual assessment; 3 homes are in the collection process
  • Late payment penalty of $25.00 continues to be assessed
  • Discussion held regarding items affecting rented properties such as landlord privilege fees, a renters cap; further dialogue and counselling will be given to these suggestions
  • No increase in the annual assessment is being proposed for 2019/20 fiscal year
  • No maintenance or repair projects proposed for 2019/20
  • Capital improvement fund is in line with engineering study recommendations in 2016
  • Maintenance issues were at a minimum the past year in general
  • Suggestion made to the board to supply budget information prior to the annual board meetings as well as to include a budget forecast
  • Vote taken for 2019/2020 budget proposal and subsequently approved


PENCO Management Update

  • Mention of PENCOs scope of services for Ballymeade
  • Questions and answers regarding PENCO and its available services
  • Residents always encouraged to contact PENCO with any questions or concerns
  • More information on PENCO can be found on the Ballymeade website


Board Nominations / Elections

  • Nominations taken for open seats
  • Election held for open seats
  • Pete H. and Mike P. re-elected as President and Vice President


Updates by Representative Sean Matthews – 10th District

  • Construction of long-awaited $71million Claymont Transit Center project will begin in April
    • Replaces existing SEPTA station; will include new platforms, a station building with restrooms, bicycle amenities, more parking as well as a pedestrian bridge, bus and trail connections and public art
    • Sen. McDowell and Sean requested that as many Delawareans be employee on the project as possible
    • New Port of Wilmington operator set to invest $600 million in upgrades and a new container-handling terminal
      • Expected to bring over 5000 new jobs to the area
    • Encouraged residents to contact him with questions or concerns
    • Sean Matthews’ contact information:

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