2018 Meeting Minutes


TRANSPARENCY.  We have it at Ballymeade.  All residents can be fully informed on all matters pertaining to this great community we call home.  Below are the 2018 meeting minutes for you to read, more meeting minutes will be added as the year progresses.  Please also check out the minutes all the way back to 2005.  Currently there are three minute documents below (each set of minutes will be a different color).  Please scroll down.




Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation

Board Meeting

Date:                November 08, 2018, 7:00 p.m.




Agenda and Updates:



  • No major issues to report

  • Minor concerns reported by residents include:

    • Drivers not observing the posted speed limit neighborhood

    • Neighbors not properly curbing their pets

    • Several street lamps need to have lights replaced

    • Police were contacted several times regarding anonymous and disturbing notes left on cars and front doors of some residents

  • Reminder to communicate to all board members regarding any requests or issues not normally considered routine

  • Discussion around ARC review and guidelines with respect fences and property lines

  • A renewed initiative to obtain valid email addresses from all Ballymeade residents is underway in an effort to increase communication among residents and the board while lessening the costs associated with postage and printing

  • Next month a Ballymeade Fall newsletter will be delivered to residents through both email and postal mail.  In the future newsletters delivered through postal mail will come to an end and instead be delivered entirely through email



Treasury Updates

  • Cindy continues to work with PENCO to reconcile the accounting records for BMC.  In addition she will be meeting with the former treasurer to have questions answered and verify any assumptions regarding previous accounting controls.  Once Cindy finishes her review and conversations, then she will share her opinions and suggest a path forward with regards to future accounting procedures.  Any required votes may be held then after

  • Prior tax filings for Ballymeade Maintenance Corp will be in discussion as well as acquiring the services of a CPA or other tax expert

  • Discussions regarding the handling of annual homeowner dues that are still outstanding in addition to the late fees and attorney fees associated with said homeowner dues

  • It has been deemed that the financials and reserves on hand are healthy


Secretary Updates


  • Ballymeade security camera continues to be stable and working normally.   A demonstration of the system was postponed as this meeting ran long.   A demonstration can be held during the next week or upon request.

  • There was a request from the Delaware State Police to provide a segment of video surveillance footage.  It was agreed that any future requests should be communicated to all board members before submitting

  • An effort will be taken to create, share and maintain an informational spreadsheet containing items such as Ballymeade resident’s names, addresses, tenant’s names, contact information as well as other potentially helpful information

  • Trash bin audits will continue throughout the year on a periodic basis.   Letters reminding residents to be diligent with moving trash bins inside the garage or otherwise out of sight




Architecture Review Committee (ARC)

  • The board voted on the following:   That approval will be required in writing any time neighbors plan to share part of a fence.   For example, ‘resident A’ submits an ARC request to install a fence that will join or ‘tie into an existing fence owned by ‘resident B’.  In this case written approval by ‘resident B’ must be provided in the request

  • A neighborhood-wide architecture review will be scheduled by the ARC in an effort to curb an uptick in deed and by-law infractions related to homeowner architecture




Landscape Updates  

  • A portion of the wooden border fence along the west end of Ballymeade was leaning into the driveway of the home owner next door.  It had to be repaired before it fell over.  New posts with cement footings we installed and the existing fencing put back up.  Cost of repair approximately ~$4,500

  • Stormwater basins remain satisfactory condition, awaiting final approval from the county

  • Playground replacement swings and mats have been installed over the summer.  Cost of repair approximately $1100

  • One of the very large “street trees” on Shrewsbury Drive was suspected of dying.  Davey Tree ordered lab work and it was determined that the tested positive for a particular fungus causing it to lose all of its leaves.  However an arborist recommended the tree not be felled since it still showed signs of being alive albeit ill.  It should leaf out just fine in the spring.

  • Playground trash can will continue to be emptied by a board member on a bi-weekly basis

  • A complaint was made regarding lawn damage to a section of residential property caused by a riding mower used by Ballymeade’s grass cutting service.   Following a discussion by board members, the following conclusions were drawn.   1) There was no easement wide enough for riding mowers to access this portion of common land without crossing a resident’s property line.  2)  Said common land can be considered part of the neighborhood wetlands as it is prone to standing water after rain.  In addition, it borders other parts of the neighborhood wetlands.  Based on this, it was agreed to discontinue mowing this area of common land indefinitely (and save money too).

  • Snow removal from common area sidewalks will continue but with the following changes. 

                  1) Sidewalks will be shoveled only if there is more than 3 inches of accumulated snow.  

    2) Common areas with sidewalks running along both sides of a street will only have one sidewalk shoveled rather than sidewalks on both sides of the street. 

    3) Sidewalk shoveling last year cost approximately $1235






Ballymeade Board Meeting

March 13, 2018 


Attendees: PETER HAGGERTY (Host)

                      MIKE PETRUCCI

                      JOHN POWELL

                      CINDY   DEYOE

                      PHIL LASCALA    

                      RON WHITE (PENCO)


Agenda and Updates:


Welcome and Introductions


Selection of Officers

President             PETER HAGGERTY

Vice President     MIKE PETRUCCI

Vice President     JOHN POWELL

Treasurer             CINDY DEYOE

Secretary             PHIL LASCALA


Review of Roles and Responsibilities

  • PENCO  (Ballymeade management company)

  • RON WHITE remains the primary point of contact for the board and the residents of Ballymeade who have questions, concern, etc.

  • Contact info:     | (610) 358-5580 x1022 

  • Architecture Review Committee (“ARC”)

  • MIKE PETRUCCI remains head of the ARC while JOHN POWELL volunteered  to join the ARC  to assist with additional ARC  related matters


Landscape Updates   

  • PETER HAGGERTY remains the Landscape manager.

  • 2018 contracts: 

    • 3 year contract signed for landscape, snow removal, storm water basis and PENCO

    • 1 year contract signed for Davey Tree Co.

  • Storm water basins inspections have been completed

  • Two fallen trees from the recent winter storm have been removed; stump removal and ground repair for these fallen trees is pending

  • Reviewed two complaints concerning snow removal

  • Status of new snow removal process of the sidewalks along the common areas


Treasury Updates

  • CINDY DEYOE is transitioning treasury responsibilities from JIM BAGNELL.  She will work directly with JB in order to close-out the year-end books for 2017

  • Two WSFS certificates of deposits opened using funds from money market accounts

  • The board reviewed collection status of delinquent payments of annual or settlement assessments as well as reviewed the outlook of the current 2018 budget

  • It has been deemed that the financials and reserves on hand are currently healthy


Camera System Updates

  • PHIL LASCALA volunteered to be the primary point of contact for both the management of the camera system and the ISP service.   Any pertinent information regarding the camera system will be transitioned to him



  • A plan to schedule both a ‘Community Spring Clean-up Day’ and a ‘Ballymeade Community Garage Sale’ are in the works.  Once dates are determined, a sign with the events’ information will be posted at the front entrance as well as online 

  • PHIL LASCALA will handle playground trash can collection, Sunday trash bin audits on a quarterly basis as well as the Ballymeade newsletter. 

  • An initiative to obtain more email addresses from neighborhood residents in an effort to improve communication for residents of Ballymeade  is underway

  • The number of homes being rented has increased within the neighborhood.  These residents are still required to follow all of the same deed restrictions and bylaws of Ballymeade

  • The Ballymeade website remains a valuable source of information containing documentation and answers to many common questions about the neighborhood and surrounding areas.  Important information on the Ballymeade deed restrictions and bylaws are located there as well:






2018 Community Meeting

February 19, 2018



Attendees:  Jim Bagnell, Rob Brogan, Peter Haggerty, Michael Petrucci, Bob Glebers wife, Ron White

Location: Brandywine Community Town Center

RE: 2018 Annual Meeting if the Owners


Minutes recorded by Rob Brogan, Secretary


  • Introduction /Opening Statements

  • Sean Matthews State Rep 10th district  address the meeting with updates

    1.  Naamans paving is now completed.
    2.  Flaggers now not on cell phone
    3.  Spoke about the Train Station (40 Mil in construction)
    4.  Steel mill donating some land
    5.  Tri State mall no plans yet for development
    6. – for ideas to submit here
    7.  State Budget 40 Mil shortfall
    8.  Roads in Ballymeade in good shape no plans for repaving
    9.  Crime rate steady for Wilmington and surrounding area
  • Peter reviewed board positions

    1.  Three openings at this time (Treasurer, VP and Secretary)
  • Peter reviewed Presidents Report- The Year in Review

    1.  Landscape and Storm Basin Maintenance activates on budget.
    2.  General Maintenance – good shape
    3.  Snow removal
    4.  Encroachment on community woods or wetlands is strictly prohibited
    5.  Please manage your trash in accordance with community regulations
    6.  Remember to pick up after your dogs
    7.  Let’s keep our community clean, comfortable to be proud of it 
  • ARC review with Mike - all pretty quiet, just usual requests

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Exterior construction/Changes without submitting an ARC review

  • Commercial Vehicles parked in the development

  • Parking of cars on sidewalks and too close to street corners

  • High grass/weeds, unkempt yards, yard clutter (County Code)

  • Trash cans not being stored in garages

  • Trash around or on playground

  • Encroachment on wetlands (Federal Law)

  • Barking dogs and people not cleaning up after their dogs, dogs not on leashes (County Code)


  • Finance Update – 2017 Fiscal Year

    1.  We have managed all aspects of the community with the approved 2017 Budget
    2.  Over budget position in any area was offset by lower spending in other controllable area as well as favorable variable events
    3.  99% of homeowners have paid the annual assessments. Two homes remain in the collection/lien process: all penalties have been assessed per the community by laws: follow up letters and legal involvement have been necessary; we are now considering handing over to a Collection agency to manage risk of entire balance going into jeopardy
    4.  Due to bankruptcy filings, we wrote off past debts as future collection was deemed legally impossible; this ws flagged at last years annual meeting
    5.  Major projects completed this fiscal year funded through use of reserve funds
      1.  Community pard pad resurfacing
      2.  Community walk way replacements and leveling
      3.  Community surveillance system
  • 2018 Budget Proposal

  1.  No material increase in any operating expense line item given responsible new contract process which we had negotiated with all community vendors
  2.  Renewed all materiel contracts
  3.  We did incur a 10% increase for insurance coverage
  • A new line item annual cost have been added to the budget in relation to operation of the newly installed community surveillance system.

  • No increase in the annual assessment ois being proposed for the 2018/2019 fiscal year

  • No material maintenance /repair projects have been proposed for the 2018/2019 fiscal year

  • Per by-Laws, approval of 2018 Budget proposal is required.

  • Capital improvement Fund current level in line with recommendation of Engineering Study performed in 2015/2016

  1.  Professional engineering study of community assets had not been performed in the prior 10 years
  2.  Board now ahs established financial model of forecasted cash needs for asset material maintenance cost or total replacement given age of community asset
  3.  Any operating budget surplus as well as $450 new homeowner, one time assessments will continue to be deposited into our reserves.
  • Investments activity during the year

  1.  One CD was rolled but extended  for next 2 years
  2.  One CD was deposited into short term Money Market fund
  • Summery – WE remain financially sound.


  • Old /New Business

  • Community generally in sustain / maintained mode

  • A good portion of the community is now 20 years old and landscaping tree planting has leveled off.

  • ARC requests and process has been more efficient, Please check with ARC for any change colors or appearance of the home.


  • Board Nominations

  • Jim Bagnell has stepped down as Treasure and Cindy DeYoe is now on the board and will be our Treasurer.

  • Bob Gleber has stepped down as VP and John Powell will be our new VP

  • Rob Brogan has stepped down as Secretary and Phil LaScala will be our new Secretary.


Meeting was adjourned. 




Ballymeade Board Meeting

February 6, 2018

Minutes   (Minutes were not provided but this agenda was followed.)






Ron White (PENCO), Peter Haggerty, Jim Bagnell, Mike Petrucci


Report from PENCO – Ron


ARC Report – Mike          


Landscape - Peter

2018 Contracts all set

Storm Water Basin Inspections - complete

Snow removal – low amounts but frequent; sidewalks now in 2018


Treasury - Jim

Financials – Delinquents, $14k from reserves, new WSFS branch, CDs to be rolled

2018 Budget

Treasury Role Summary


Community Meeting

               Send reminder? (hardcopy/Email)

               How to emphasis 3 board openings?

               2018 Budget and Variance           

               PowerPoint (review of last years)

               Sean Matthews


Camera System Status – Jim

WiFi, Procedures, etc., tracking crimes?



Status of Truck on West Box (Trucks on Morningdale?)

Comm Clean Up – need date

Website Hit Report - being “crawled by bots”, trying to fight it, no impact except Hit Report

Minutes to get up onto the Website



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