NEW -- Board Meeting Minutes - May 3, 2022

Ballymeade Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 03, 2022                   

Attendees:   Mike Petrucci, Peter Haggerty, Jim Bagnell, Phil LaScala, Ron White


I.             Board Member Roles

  • Roles have been agreed up with one update from last year, Treasurer
  •  President - M. Petrucci, Vice President - P. Haggerty, Treasurer - J. Bagnell, Secretary - P.LaScala
  • Board is actively looking to fill the open board seat; Ron W. to send an email asking HOs toconsider volunteering


II.           Amendment Resolution, Ballot Updates

  • Mike is in contact with the attorney about next steps and any questions
  • Attorney to write-up draft of the ballot; it will be presented to the Board for review, questionsor updates
  • Attorney to advise/recommend on differences of 1 vs. 2 ballots; templates for clear andconcise ballots, recommendations to the Board for getting ballots returned on time
  • Planning, coordination, communication is critical as the ballot is sent and will include:  
  • Two-thirds of all HOs must vote ‘Yes’ within 60 days for ballot to pass
  • Pete to post on the Ballymeade website details around new amendments /restrictionsbeing proposed


III.          Landscaping

 Updates include:

  • Dead tree on W. Oakmeade; Davey to check and advise on removal
  • Large pine on W. Oakmeade downed twice from storms; Davey to advise
  • Shrewsbury Dr. - dead branches within one of the trees need to be checked by daveyabout removing
  • Notify Evergreen about mowing grass at the end of W. Boxborough
  • Soil removal at the edge of pond; Mike addressed HO personally
  • Evergreen can replace/fill-in holes; HO will be invoiced for the cost
  • Evergreen has a labor shortage; dropped 30 odd residential accounts w/in Ballymeade  
  • New trees and shrubs planted on the end of W. Boxborough that was left exposed from theremoval of trees on the adjacent non-Ballymeade property


IV.          Secretary updates:   

Sidewalk replacement:             

  • work begins May 03 by Ronal Construction
  • HOs should be aware a crew will be working along Ballymeade for ~ 1 week weatherpermitting
  • Email notifying HOs to be sent; Ronal asked to notify P.LaScala with questions, concerns


  • Security camera functioning normally
  • Camera info to be shared with Jim B.  No recent requests for video footage updates;
  • Trash receptacle letters sent by Ron W. to HO were effective
  • Tennis court – metal signs to be replaced; Ron W. to get quote for resurfacing and pickleball lines

V.           Treasury Updates

  • Brief discussions of the follow:
  • Financial status of BMC
  •  HOs with delinquent dues
  • How the Board handles delinquent dues   
  • Cindy D’s name should be replaced with Mike and Jim’s from BMC accounts at the bank
  • Check whether I-bonds are a product BMC is eligible to invest in



VI.          ARC Updates and Yard Sale

  • Recent ARC requests include new decks and basement egress
  • Ballymeade yard sale is scheduled for sale May 14           
  • Mike will set up sign at the entrance and place posting in the Delaware News Journal, plusdigital posts on Facebook and Nextdoor
  • Pete will post the yard sale information on
  • Discussion of HO with deed restrictions violations for involving backyard trenches that are causing issues with storm-water run-off and safety
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