NEW - Ballymeade Board Meeting Minutes Jan 20, 2022

Ballymeade Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Jan 20, 2022

Present: Pete Haggerty, Mike Petrucci, Cindy DeYoe, Phil LaScala and Ron White (Penco),


Date and Time Set for Ballymeade Annual Meeting as follows:

Date:  February, 28th 2022

Time:  7:00pm

Place:  Virtual, Zoom video

               Link to zoom meeting will be emailed prior to start of the meeting


Decision on what items should be included in the two mailings to go out prior to the meeting

Jan. 31st mailing

Notice of annual board and homeowners meeting

Include notice of open board seats

Board nomination form

Include notice of changes to deed restrictions votes    

Feb. 15th mailing

Treasurer agrees to have the budget completed by this date

Budget and Summary of proposed changes to the deed restrictions

Ron White (PENCO) has  ~115-120 emails addresses that includes mostly HOs; some renters



Discussion of Deed Restriction changes

Rental restrictions

Goal: to maintain or reduce the number of rental properties in Ballymeade

Installation of solar panels

               Goal: to comply with new DE law (HB58) regarding solar panels

Miscellaneous changes to deed restrictions

               Goal:  Reduce confusing language and specific fines for non-compliance

               Periodic Issues regarding timely responses and availability of attorney


Update on Security Cameras

               Cameras not appearing in the console; reoccurring problem

               Contacting Maginot Security


Review 2022 Budget and final 2021 numbers

Posted by ballymeade on 02/04/2022
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