NEW - Ballymeade Board Meeting Minutes April 19,2021

Ballymeade Board Meeting (Zoom)

Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2021


Pete Haggerty, Mike Petrucci, Phil LaScala, Cindy DeYoe, Ron White (PENCO)




Landscape Update

  • Pete H. to follow-up with Boxborough homeowner regarding her questions with the run-off  through her backyard during heavy rains
  • Playground mulch will not be replaced this year.   The mulch was inspected and determined to still be in very good condition based on the playground’s lack of use the past year
  • Additional sidewalk repair is needed for certain areas that have been pushed so far up by tree roots that they can’t be shaved down any further.   Specific sidewalk slabs are raised so far that they will need to be removed, the tree root cut-out, and the slab replaced.   Mike will provide addresses of exactly where
  • Storm water basins inspection due date has been extended 2 months
  • Leaning tree behind home on Morningdale property was determined to be outside the Ballymeade community property line
  • Pete will ask Davey Tree about a neighborhood discount for lantern flY treatment for homeowners and report back



Architectural Review Committee Update

  • Solar panels – it has been suggested using the renter’s cap ballot to also address homeowner’s desire to change deed restrictions to allow installation of solar panels.  Additional changes may be added to the same ballot if needed
  • Mike will setup the first meeting for the renter’s cap sub-committee members.   Details regarding rental cap specifics will be addressed, e.g. grandfathering, ballots
  • Community yard sale will be planned for this Spring
  • Reserve study discussion regarding when it is necessary to be updated and when it is necessary to have a new study completed.  Mike will update study again this year. When a new study is needed, the funds will come from the reserve.  Phil L. can assist Mike.
  • Board votes to perform a new reserve study every 10 years and to determine how often it will be updated and by which board member




 Secretary Updates

  • Fence along Naamans Rd. was inspected and had a minor repair completed by Phil L.    An open utility box in the same location had its exposed wiring pushed back inside box and the side panel replaced
  • Security camera – Mike P and Phil L will inspect the security camera’s utility box to ensure it is closed and locked after Maginot mentioned in an email that it was open.  Ron White confirmed that he has a key to the box
  • Confirmed the camera feeds are currently active and working
  • Board meetings will be held more frequently this year while using Zoom
  • Trash can audit and playground trash receptacle continue to be handled on regular basis


Finance and PENCO Updates

  • About two-thirds of the annual dues have been paid and received by homeowners.  Reminder letters will be sent next week to those who have not yet paid.   Ron will provide an update the end of April
  • Review and discuss homeowner’s collections status.  Next steps for each delinquent homeowner dues determined, and Ron W. will provide updates as they become available
  • Next meeting will take place in about 2 months
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