2019 Meeting Board Minutes - Sept 26, 2019

Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2019


327 Rockmeade Dr             

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Attendees: Pete Haggerty, Mike Petrucci, Cindy DeYoe, Phil LaScala, Ron White (Penco)


Landscape Update

?–ª          The board agreed on the workorder for the second treatment for the elm trees on Shrewbury (sever fungal infection).  First treatment was this summer when it happened.

?–ª          Removal of pine tree and trimming of shrubs and bushes along Naamans Rd

?–ª          Quotes for tree future tree maintenance will from multiple sources

?–ª          Removal of several crabapple trees

?–ª          Davey Tree Company will be asked about preventative maintenance regarding lantern flies

?–ª          Lawn maintenance remains within budget


Architectural Review Committee

?–ª          Trash bin audit for Q2, 2019 completed - letters sent to 6 homeowners

?–ª          Separate letter sent to 302 Rockmeade for trash bins and overflow parking

?–ª          Playground trash can continues to be periodically inspected and emptied

?–ª          Security camera continues to function in normal order

?–ª          no additional maintenance; no requests for review

?–ª          Garage sale date may be moved from Spring and Fall next year

?–ª          Property easements laws may need to be reviewed regarding recent fence structures

?–ª          Recent state law regarding installation of solar panels needs clarification

?–ª          Sean Matthews has been contacted

?–ª          Guidelines needed in regards to installment



?–ª          Review of Operating Fund Profit & Loss report - Period 8/1/19 to 8/31/19

?–ª          Next year’s budget could see money for new projects reallocated to maintenance to address rising costs of tree spraying and other tree maintenance costs



PENCO Management

?–ª          Review of collections status report

?–ª          Review of sales and capital assets report plus recent and pending sales









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