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Forever Green Landscaping does all of the community owned property and MANY privately owned houses.  They are very reasonable since they are on site every week as it is.

I use Waste Disposal & Recycling for Home | Waste Management (


They have been dependable, fair and for that 69.00 quarterly is not a bad price.  


sorry can't help you with the lawn guy I do it myself.


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Stay away from Waste Industries! They were bought by GFL out of Canada, terrible service. Check out their reviews and Better Business Bureau complaints. I had them and just cancelled, switching to Evergreen, which is a better provider and just a few dollars cheaper.
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Agree ... Waste Industries is terrible.  Though the price for Waste Management is reasonable at $69 ... I believe you have to ASK for it as they'll bounce you into a higher standard plan.  And challenge price increases which they occasionally try to sneak in.  This is my experience with them ... but they had little competition in this area the years I was with them.  They might have "seen the light" since then ... LOL ....

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