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New guy here looking for recommendations for trash and lawn service.


Would also be interested in what these services are costing.







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Welcome to the neighborhood ...


Trash ... trying reaching out to Waste Industries; found them to be the cheapest service these days but pick up is on Friday; an issue to some people.  If you go with Waste Management, they'll bump you immediately into a higher priced "standard" plan.  Call and discuss cheaper options with them if you've already contracted with them.


Lawn service ... local resident on Oakmeade seems to do a number of lawns; has to be cheap.  If you need his name I can get for you.  Do my own so a little fuzzy on this one to be honest.


Best ... your neighbor on E. Boxborough ...



Thanks for the info.  I'll be checking with Waste Industries next week.


If you could pass that local name to me I'd appreciate it.





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Hello! Did you manage to find someone for lawn service? Also - looking for a handyman - I heard there was someone that moved into the neighborhood last summer that does handyman work, does anyone have his contact information?



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