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I am very concerned about the speeding on Shrewsbury Drive. On any given day there are cars speeding up and down the hill on SHrewsbury Drive. I have contacted our State Rep and we can not have stop signs installed to control speeding. The Rep has told me that as a neighborhood we can have speed bunps installed. My concern is the safety of the children playing i the park. The speed limit is 20MPH. Any thoughts?

By Cindy

I agree that speeding is a problem, but often times the cars I see speeding by are the minivans/SUVs full of kids. The parents of the children need to set the example for the community.

I agree with you. There are several people in the development who have gone to the government and gotten the same answer as you. I believe this is a critically important issue and perhaps we will have to persue another route in getting people to stop speeding. It is clearly worthy of discussion at the civic association meeting. Also, there are a great many people who DO NOT stop at the stop signs. We should bring this up at the civic association meeting. If we can't work with them and the government won't help us, we should go in another direction.

By David

Why couldn't a stop sign be placed at the corner of Shrewsbury and E. Boxborough - right near the wetlands there. ??? Speed bumps are horrible, my vote is for a stop sign. The development could pay for one if DelDot won't do it. Unless there is some reason, law, code that a stop sign shouldn't be put there ?? - Peter

By Peter
New Castle County, Delaware 19810