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Neighbors, Please use caution when exiting the neighborhood, in particular, making a left turn onto Naamans Rd. On several occasions just over the past three months I??™ve witnessed at least two trucks and several cars speeding through the intersection on Naamans Rd and disregarding the red light, as I started to move forward on the green light. The only reason there was not a serious accident is due to the fact that I waited about five seconds and looked, before proceeding through the intersection. Just the other day my daughter was stopped at the entrance waiting for the light to change, and several seconds after her light turned green, a tractor trailer that was traveling on Naamans Rd, went through the intersection doing about 60 mph. There??™s been several accidents on Naamans Rd around the entranceway this summer. It??™s just a matter of time before one of them becomes a fatality.

thanks for sharing this we were wondering how the accidents happened.  Appreciate the heads up

New Castle County, Delaware 19810