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FOLLOW UP:  Over the past two weeks, I've gotten prices from several trash services here in Delaware with the following results:  


     Current provider that I have:  GFL-AKA-Waste Industries-AKA-Burns & McBride-$31.00 monthly, trash every Friday, Recycle everyother Friday...service and customer reviews "POOR to Pathetic"


     Waste Management-$34.92 monthly with trash pick up every Monday, recycle every other Monday.  If you register online, you avoid an additional $75.00 "start-up Fee"


     Evergreen-$31.00 monthly with both trash and recycle pick up every Friday.  They do charge a one time $30.00 Fee for "trash can drop off"


     Blue Hen-Stated they do not service the Wilmington area.


     Republic Services-$30.00 monthly ($90.05 every quarter) with both trash and recycle every week.  "Deal breaker" they charge a one time fee of $121.60 for trash can delivery (maybe they are driving up from Florida?) 


Of the companies listed above-Evergreen has rceived the most favorable reviews.  I am planning to switch over to Evergreen this month.  Hope this information was helpful.  

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Thanks for this.  Was just about to take this on.  Seems like you've covered all the vendors in our area.

try waste management you may find them better.  

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