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I signed up for trash removel with Burns & McBride about seven years ago.  Not suprising, they sold the route/contract to Waste Industries about four years later.  Since that time, Waste Industries was bought by GFL, a company headquartered in Canada.    The service with GFL has been terrible, constant last minute calls to customers about truck broke down not coming out today, bad weather not coming out today, driver has icky tummy not coming out today.  The Google reviews also indicates that Ballymeade is not the only neighborhood that gets poor service, as the company's  overall customer satisfaction reviews are dredful.  I have not switched to another carrier yet, but plan to do so soon, and I encourage all of you my neighbors, who also has GFL to send a message to the company, by cancelling your with them as well and switching with another trash removal service.  Maybe then they will wake up and provide a better service.  

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Agree.  They've been lacking in service and will be looking to change service provider as well.  Will be doing research and cost comparative of the available local services over the next week.  I'll publish what I find out.

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Thanks for the information.   I've considered switching from GFL recently too.   If anyone does change their trash hauling service, please let us know.   Thanks.

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