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Good morning,

Does anyone have a company to service the gas fireplace?  email me back.

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Horizons can handle it.   They'll try to up-sell or cross-sell additional services however. 

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Ever find a good service?

I had flame-tech here yesterday and they basically shut off the gas feed to the fireplace stating it wasn't safe, the entire unit needs to be replaced.  In addition they told me the fireplace is a code violation because the box out is not tall enough.  He gave me a 13,000 quote to remove the window above the fireplace, build up the box out ten feet and replace the fireplace unit.  I am working on calling two additional companies to get me a quote.  


Has anyone had a company service their fireplace?  I was willing to fix, replace parts even replace the unit but this seems extreme.  I moved in a year ago and the inspection done never mentioned a code violation.  Not sure how the units got a CO if there was a code violation.  



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