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It was a terrible disgrace that some residents never shoveled their sidewalks after the last storm. Sidewalks were covered in ice. It would be nice if consideration was shown. As for your welcome to renters, they will ruin the neighborhood because they do not maintain their homes. A terrible disgrace to those of us who try to keep our homes in excellent condition. Obviously the board has no idea what some of these places look like. Driveways need to be sealed and landscaping done. Perhaps we need someone else to be board president.
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Contact Ron White from PENCO about these concerns.   A letter can be sent to the owner of the property about these sorts of things. 

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Ron has been very diligent with correspondence to owners of these properties about other residents concerns on maintenance issues.  Having served on the Board for 4 year, I saw this first hand.  It's not "the nature of the beast" for rental property owners to comply if there are no true penalties for non-complaince.  The model is:  collect the rent and reinvest as little as possible (maintain minimal compliance with by-laws) for maximum return of their investment.  Unfortunately it's owner/residents that are forced to put up with properties that aren't maintained given owners of these rental properties see them as an "investment" vs. having pride in, and a commitment to, the overall aesthetic of the community.  It's this distance from "a sense of community" and their net bottom line that are the root causes of the issue. 

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There are just as many homeowners as renters that did not clear their sidewalks of snow.  This is a County code and not a Home Maintaince Corporation rule.  Many renters cleared their sidewalks and there are always circumstances where people were unable to clear there sidewalks.  I was able to help my neighbors clear there sidewalks and driveways during the last storm regardless of whether they are renters or homeowners.  This has nothing to do with renters and the majority of renters follow the deed restrictions.  Also, many homeowners that rent there properties also keep there houses is very good shape.  Replacing fences and decks that have deterioated and maintaining the exterior of there properties.  We have just as many complaints about homeowners as renters. 

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