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I thought per our HOA that hot tubs and screened in porches were not allowed. There are several in the development. I would love to have a hot tub to help my back pain. I would like privacy in my backyard but we can only have post and rail. I guess a wall of shrubbery is needed. I just frustrated with what the HOA feels is appropriate as looking nice. Of course I want property values to stay up but there is not freedom to have your own home. Except for those who break the rules. End of rant.

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I live in the Townhouses.  My husband and I bought our home in late 1999 and moved in on 12/31/1999.  We are original owners and we have had a hot tub on our deck since we built the deck in the spring of 2000.  I have never been told that hot tubs are not allowed and, in fact, we had our deck built with extra supports to hold the weight of the tub.  Our deck was approved by the Architectural Review Committee when it was built.

Further, our original next door neighbor had a hot tub as well but he took it with him when he moved.  Our next door neighbor on the other side has a solid fence that encloses the entire propery behind the house.  Perhaps the rules have changed since then but we didn't break any rules I was aware of.    

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