Pest Control Solicitation

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Each of the last 2 years I received solicitation for pest control.  Both times I was told I had a potentially serious ant problem.   I was a little concerned afterwards and not really sure if these were scare tactics or if there may be a real problem.  


I decided to have a friend who owns a pest control company to stop by and get his opinion.  After looking both in and outside of the house he assured me there was nothing to be worried about.   He was familiar with these scare tactics by solicitors.  


I won't trust them anymore.  If you think you have a pest control problem or just want a honest second opinion, you can contact me for the name of the guy I know.   


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Thanks for the heads up.  Do you remember the name of the Pest Control company?  I can put something in the quarterly news letter.  Unfortunately the summer edition just went to press this afternoon.

New Castle County, Delaware 19810