Cars speeding

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Could we get speed bumps in the neighborhood.  Cars speed through the neighborhood especially on the perimeter road??  It seems that speed limit signs are ineffective....or the people speeding are unable to read!!

As a long time State employee, I can tell you Be very careful what you wish for.  Once the speed bumps are put in they will not be removed.  Speed bumps will shake your whole house and cause settlement cracks in your walls. Many times after they are installed people begin to notice basement water seepage, etc, then they want them removed but they are told that that is not an option.    There are enough police in the development to monitor the speed.  That is another option.  Once a few people get ticketed the problem will subside.  A few should not cause the many unneeded headaches. 

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Agree with previous post.  Study will be begun on solutions by the Board.  But ... we'll need non-Board member participation in order to make this successful.  If you'd like to volunteer, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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