From an Email from the President of the Council of Civic Organization of Brandywine Hundred (

Hello all:

We want to make you aware about a scam that is being run in parts

of Brandywine Hundred.

Groups of young men have been attempting to sell magazines

and other things using deceptive sales tactics.


In particular, they will tell you that they are the grandson or

son of a neighbor. They will make up a name or an address that

does not exist in the neighborhood. They may also tell you that it

is for a good cause, they are selling these items for their school,

or that they will earn themselves a trip. None of this is likely

to be true.


Door-to-door sales people are required by law to have a permit.

You can call the New Castle County police and report this activity

at 573-2800.


Chuck Landry

President, CCOBH