Cleaning gutters

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My name is Mary Rumanek and I live on East Boxborough Dr. I wondered if anyone has had their gutters, siding and outside windows cleaned and if so could you let me know who you used. I have had no luck so far. Another thing I have a lot of mildew on and under the gutters in the back of my house and need some one to check and make sure it is not a serious problem. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

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Try PJ Fitzpatrick..they are expensive but they show up which as you know is half the battle.  I have also seen trucks with the sign: Gutter Guys all over the place this spring so lots of people must be using htem..... 

I just googled it:

The Gutter Guys
2406 West Newport Pike
Wilmington, DE 19804
(302) 683-9385‎ , (302) 325-4239‎ - Mobile,

Thank you I will give them a try

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