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June 20, 2007

Hello everyone. Thanks for using this website. It contains a lot of info and I hope that you read all of the entries on here including the recently posted meeting minutes and the deed restriction document.

The Ballymeade Board of Directors wants to address a misunderstanding that seems to be pervasive, or at least is implied, by the recent entries in this ''People Talk'' section of the website. Firstly, we live in a development that by county code is set up as a not-for-profit corporation as mandated by New Castle County code. We are not a homeowners?’ association. We are legal entity set up to manage various things including the commonly owned areas (lawns, wetlands, storm water basins, entrance island, etc.) and to manage as best we can the ?“enforcement?” of the many deed restrictions that we all agreed to when we purchased our homes here. This corporation is in place because we live in an area of the county that is not part of a town or a village. The county government essentially delegates responsibility to our corporation to maintain the development. Our goal is to keep the streets cleared of snow in the winter, to maintain all of the common land and to review proposed changes to the outside of the homes in our community.

The deed restrictions call for each homeowner to go to the Architectual Review Committee for approval. If this is not done, and we learn about a violation, BC consulting, as our agent, will send a letter to the homeowner asking then to submit a request for the change. If the change is not appropriate per our deed restrictions, it will be denied and the homeowner will be asked to undo what has been done. If the homeowner does not respond, we will continue to follow up with that homeowner by mail. It has been our experience that the homeowner will generally comply with the deed restrictions but it takes a good amount of time in many cases, and money out of the homeowner pocket for repainting, etc.

With regard to other violations, such as speeding cars or dog waste in backyards, these is not covered by the corporation?’s mandate but is covered under New Castle County code. As such, the homeowner should be calling the police or the county.

Thank again.
The Ballymeade Board

By From The Ballymeade Board
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Bottom line ?– if you see or experience something that violates our community?’s deed restrictions, call BC Consulting and let them know. If you see speeding along the streets of our development, call the police. If a homeowner is not picking up dog waste, call the county. OR call BC Consulting for ANYTHING you see or don?’t like and they will take care of it or direct you. We pay BC an annual fee for taking care of your needs, please use them. Calling BC and providing an address on a violation will get it taken care of, letters will be sent, follow-ups made, etc. Entering complaint on this website may make you feel better but it will not correct the situation since no one will know what house you are talking about and no letter will be sent to the homeowner.

Please keep in mind that the Board of Directors is made up of 5 homeowners all with demanding full time jobs who have decided to volunteer to do work, and a lot of it, on behalf of the community at large. The board is not in a position to constantly cruise around the development looking for violations of the deed restrictions. This is where you come in, as voting member of the corporation. Report what you see, hear or in the case of dog waste, smell, to BC Consulting. BC acts as the intermediary between homeowner and homeowner, between the board and both the reporting and violating homeowner. YOUR name will be not be provided, EVER, to the homeowner violating the restriction.

So call BC, or Email. Elise Nelson is charming, experienced property manager and will take care of you and the issue at hand. She will use the board as her ?“eyes?” to confirm what the complaint is very often. BC will not address anonymous complaints, you will have to leave your name and address and be in good standing as far as having paid your annual assessment but will obviously not pass that info on to the violating homeowner.

Also, the board is a stretched with heavy job responsibilities and much going on in the development. Please call BC if you can take time to assist us in keeping our community?’s home values appreciating and not depreciating.

BC?’s number is: 302-731-7710
BC?’s Email is:

Thank again.

The Ballymeade Board

New Castle County, Delaware 19810