Trash Pails Are An Eyesore

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Trash pails left out are an eyesore - and against the deed restrictions we all agreed to when buying our homes here in Ballymeade. In Wilmington and Philly home owner get ticketed for leaving trash pails on the sidewalks or in view. What do we do here to address this problem? Any comments?

By Peter
Trash Pails Are An Eyesore

How about putting a sticker on trash container left out for long periods? The sticker could serve as a reminder of the terms regarding trash container.

By Ron
trash pails...deed restrictions


Of course, I agree with you about the trash cans but I have learned to be a realist....the only people who follow the deed restrictions are the people who want to. If people don't want to adhere to them the just don't and there is no pushback at all. The civic assiocation has said that a high percentage of the architectural requests get approved but....most of the junk I've seen would never pass the deed restrictions so they couldn't have possibly been submitted!

By David
New Castle County, Delaware 19810