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Although the streets are plowed of snow, and fortunately, mother nature has been kind so far, access to the mail boxes is burdensome and dangerous after a snow fall, because the snow is plowed and piled along the mail boxes. I believe that the service provided should clear these areas, since it effects all of us.
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This subject has come up several times in the past few years and the snow plow contractor has been asked for pricing on hand shoveling around the mail boxes.  The cost is really high because they don't really want to take the time out to do it since they have the whole development to plow and other developments as well.  So the solution talked about at the annual community meeting on 2/20/08 is for the younger folks living near by to hand shovel the mail box area, or ask kids to do it.  Also, the fire hydrants aound your house should be hand shoveled to provide easy access to the fire department.  This I think is a county code. 
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