2010 Fall Newsletter

October 28, 2010


Dear Ballymeade Neighbor:

 This letter sums up what’s been happening in Ballymeade in the past year. Our goal is to continue building a safe and attractive community that will increase in value, both monetarily and by enriching our lives. For this to occur, ALL homeowners and residents in our community must contribute and do their part. Some of the highs and lows are as follows:


  • The year started off with the blizzards and the challenge of where to put all that snow, parking, and negotiating our streets and sidewalks. Hopefully this winter is not a repeat. Our snow removal budget was greatly exceeded last year. We have planned or budgeted for more this year, just in case. If we do get more blizzards, we ask all residents to exercise patience, assist with keeping sidewalks and mail boxes clear, and to park your vehicles where they do not make plowing more difficult or block streets (listen to forecasts and prepare accordingly).


  • We had some vandalism at the playground this summer. Two nights of broken beer bottles and broken light fixtures. We ask residents near the playground to be alert for problems and to contact the county police if anything unacceptable is noted. We want to keep the playground safe for the children who regularly use it.


  • Plans for modifications to the exteriors of one’s home must be submitted to BC Communities for review by our Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This includes installation of fences, decks, exterior painting, door changes or additions. Normal maintenance
    (i.e.; repainting of same color or drive-way/sidewalk repair) is not covered by this policy unless color changes or modifications are planned. Not everybody has been following this long standing procedure. This procedure is intended for the benefit of the community and it’s appearance and upkeep. Submit detailed plans to BC Communities of what you want done for approval.


  • We were able to keep up with landscaping plans and tree survival. We had enough rain and then supplemental watering to keep grounds and trees healthy. We did have one tree die early this year with a replacement planted this Fall. We ask your assistance in reporting any trees which may not be doing well on common grounds and for those with pets, please control their use of common and/or resident trees so they are not damaged. Also remember to clean-up after them.



  • Dumping of trash and lawn clippings or tree branches in wet lands and on common grounds is prohibited. We have found some of this occurring which contributes to a poor community appearance. Please dispose of grass clippings appropriately. Regarding wetlands, some residents have been cutting down plant growth in wetlands adjacent to their properties. The wetlands are federally protected. “Federal law requires persons or a business that despoils a wetland or other protected habitat to restore the land to it’s original condition.” We will be monitoring this and must report any damage to the appropriate authorities.  “No Dumping Signs” have been put up and inspections will be frequent.  We paid several hundred dollars this year to remove yard waste and trash from wetlands, dumped by residents.


  • Complaints were received at various times this year about people not mowing their lawns, persons allowing clutter to develop outside, satellite dishes improperly placed (in front of homes), and trash cans sitting routinely outside in front of properties.


  1. If you cannot mow your lawn, hire a local boy or contact Forever Green and they will gladly set up a mowing/maintenance plan. Grass mowing, edging, etc... is essential to maintain property and community appearance.
  2. Satellite dishes are to be located behind homes, not out front. If you are no longer using your dish, contact the installer and ask them to remove it. Dishes are unsightly.
  3. We did several community tours this summer on weekends to determine who and how many homeowners are leaving their trash cans routinely out front. This is a clear violation of our deed restrictions, which everybody has received. On Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings, there is a rare need for trash cans to be out front or street side. There is no trash pick-up at these times. Fifty-eight (58) home-owners or near 25% of the residents in our community have been leaving their trash cans out front all the time for everybody to see. This is unsightly and again casts a negative appearance on the entire community. Please place them inside your garage or behind your home (out of sight).
  4. Clutter in yards and on decks has been reported. Extended maintenance on vehicles has been occurring in driveways which is not allowed per county code. Long term maintenance should be done in the garage not the driveway. All vehicles not in the garage should be registered and must be operable. Boats and/or trailers have been stored on lawns or in driveways. These are violations of New Castle County codes AND our Deed Restrictions. These commonly violated codes are indicated on our website. These Restrictions are requirements and enforceable.


  • We have several homeowners who have not paid their annual dues, a couple for several years. Because of these residents, we have incurred legal fees, which they will be billed, and we had to raise our dues slightly last year to compensate for the reduced monies. Five homeowners are significantly in arrears. We are aggressively pursuing legal actions which will involve court visits, eventual liens, and increased monetary costs (fees, penalties,...). Such will affect their ability to sell their homes and their credit ratings. Non-payment of annual dues affects the whole community. These are obligations which we agreed to when we purchased our homes.




  • Our website has received 600 -700 hits a month. This is good. Please check it out, if you have not, for useful information about the community, lost and found, some want ads, and more.


  • Proper parking of vehicles remains essential for safety and to prevent damage to the vehicles themselves and community property. Parking on sidewalks is not permitted and can crack or break the concrete.  The homeowner of the house with the cracked sidewalk will have to pay for repair. All vehicles must be licensed and currently registered in our state. No recreational vehicles, over-size or business vehicles or boats are permitted parked in the development. Parking too close to corners blocks views. Please do not do this and alert guests too. All residents and visitors should park in designated parking areas, avoiding street blockage.


Check the community’s website frequently.  It has been redesigned so that all the information is now organized by subject matter.  Please be sure to review all corporate documents such as the deed restrictions, by laws, etc. 


We thank you for your assistance in these important community endeavors.  Please keep in mind that our goal is to make this a more beautiful community, to keep it safe and sound, and to keep our property values going up, not down.


If you have a question, please feel free to contact BC Communities. Our property manager is Ms. Beverly Harding.  Her contact info is on the website and below. 


In closing, with the Holiday season approaching, we want to wish all residents and their families a safe and joyous Holiday season.





Board of Directors

Ballymeade Maintenance Corporation

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